10 Ways to Improve Your Mountain Biking Skills

Becoming a better mounting biker is not as easy as a walk in the park. You will have to get the right path to follow.

With the right tips and knowledge, you will enjoy riding like wind and fast in any environment.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mountain Biking Skills

For beginners knowing the right tips to make your riding better is necessary. No matter the level of professionalism you have, you need to start with the basics. To become the best mountain, you have to get the best bike handling skills.

1. Be prepared physically and mentally

When riding the bike or prepared to try riding the bike, you have to be mentally prepared for it. When you are ready for whatever comes your way while riding.

Being relaxed and mentally prepared gives you a bike riding spirit with no fear. For a beginner, crashing is there, and as a matter of fact, some crash several times.

With time everything will be normal and fine. With a relaxed mint, you are able to ride freely in all trails and even enjoy it better.

Therefore, before you ride, clear your mind and prepare yourself for a great ride mentally then you start.

2. Get an Idea about your biking area

When you buy your bike, you already have an idea of where you are going to ride it. That’s one of the factors you have in mind before you buy a bike.

The same goes for before riding the bike. Know the area your riding in, or better still, look where you want to go. In trails with plenty of roots and rocks, you have to concentrate well on where you are going.

When you concentrate on the tree, rock, and obstacle you want to avoid, you may probably hit it. The best thing is to focus on the line you want to take. It works perfectly well to give you.


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    3. Maintain Your Bike

    Maintaining your bike is a priority that one needs to follow before anything else. It’s really tricky to ride your bike on a trail with all the noise it keeps on producing.

    The bike should have basic maintenance that is not hard to do. Considering the consequences of having to walk while pushing your bike or, worse, having an accident, you have to check your bike regularly.

    The basic bike maintenance takes only a few minutes and something not hard to be done. You take your bike to the shop after a period of time before it completely breaks down or hurts you.

    4. Tune Your Lateral Balance and Fore-Aft

    Biking requires one to maintain a certain balance to ensure safety. Your leg and arms should be well balanced to enable you to ride fast, precisely, and meet all the different trails corners perfectly.

    The arms and legs should be bent all the time and moving up and down. This movement allows you to absorb the bumps and the chatter of roots and ruts while riding. The handlebar of the hike also plays to your body muscle movement.

    To be comfortable and avoid getting fatigued, loosen the handlebar death grip by making the push-up arms and the elbow out and bent posture.

    5. Weight and Unweight

    When riding the bike, you have to keep on adding weight and removing weight as you. That is a kind of balancing skill that you have to learn.

    The skill come in handy when riding on technical trails. With time, you will stop the bike and start again without putting your foot down and keeping the momentum. The weight and unweight feature helps in balancing while moving in different terrains.

    You will also have to know when to put weight on one side and spread your weight to the other parts of the bike.

    To learn this skill, practice going slow and feather your brakes cut speed, and soon you will be able to balance the by anywhere by shifting your weight while riding.

    6. Use Both Brakes

    With a better braking system, you have total bike control. The bike has two brake settings.

    One is locked and not in use. You have less control with the brakes locked, just like a car. What you need is to learn how to use both brakes effectively. The front brake comes with more of braking power than any other brake.

    Though it has the most power, you don’t have to use it too much, especially when going downhill or taking a corner. Riding the bike is all about moderation and modulation.

    You don’t want to be tossed off-road, or the front wheel slides out on you. It would help if you practiced braking before turning on a corner, not in the middle of it.

    7. Ride the Right Bike

    Riding is not a problem at all but getting the right bike is the main thing here. Make sure you have got the right.

    The bike is all different from the market. It’s up to you to choose the right one for you. Make sure you get a bike that suits the different trails as well as safe for you.

    The brakes should be good and precise for better control. The handlebar, saddle, wheels should all be made comfortable for you.

    8. Ride Everywhere

    With you spending more time with your bike, you get better at riding. With your bike, you ride everywhere and anywhere you want.

    You go to the grocery store, school, take care of small home errands, and so many other places with the bike. It has the power and performance to make your trips better each time.

    With continues use of the bike, you become a pro over time.

    9. Look Ahead

    In all the available tips, this is one of the very important to follow.

    When riding the bike, you have to clear-minded and look ahead. It’s very easy for one to crash with a bike than when driving a car. It may be a simple tip but very dangerous when not followed.

    You should always look ahead when cycling and not look down or sideways while riding. Look in front of the wheel and focus on the road to avoid obstacles.

    It’s so embarrassing to crash on a stone you did not see while looking attentively sideways on focusing on something else.

    10. Remember Your Successes

    One very important tip is to remember your success. It’s not easy to ride your bike from scratch.

    There are so many things that happen to you when learning to ride or as a beginner. In all this, you have to remember your success.

    The first time you rode your bikes successfully gave you the courage to continue forward. The first time you tried a new trial also gave you a different opinion you can do better.

    Every success on the things you do when learning and riding a bike makes you a better rider and more experienced.


    Knowing what to and what not to do when riding a bicycle is very important. Remember, when riding a bike, you are crossing so many different trails on which some could be dangerous.

    With these 10 tips to becoming a better mountain biker, you get the necessary information that makes your riding life easier.

    It also helps save your bike from being ignored with no maintenance and saves you from an accident. It’s a good move, especially with tips from a professional cyclist who has garnered experience for a very long time.

    I hope with all the tips provided above, and you are able to make the ride move on your bike and riding experience.

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