Quick And Easy DIY Leather Handlebar Grips

DIY Leather Handlebar Grips

We recently featured some handlebar grips of questionable comfort, and reader Nick who blogs at Bicycle Obsession sent along some DIY leather grips which look rather comfy. The full article can be found here, materials and pictures below.


  • A pair of worn out lock-on grips (if you don’t have, or you can’t find in your friends’ garage, you can buy them off ebay for around 3$)
  • An (unusable) leather belt that you don’t want/like (non-slip, tough, amazing feel, beautiful looks, your hands doesn’t smell rubber after the ride, doesn’t leave black spots on your hands.)
  • Razor / knife
  • A good pair of scissors
  • A piece of thick fish line (incredibly resilient to the elements, most of the times you can find it for free, looks great, amazingly strong)
  • A Dremel
  • Needle-nose pliers

You start here . . .

Bike Handlebar

. . . you get your sew on . . .

sewing leather handlebar grips

. . . and you end up here!

DIY Leather Handlebar Grips on a bike

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