We provide what we hope is a valuable service, but we’re also a business. You might wonder how we make money through product reviews. Here’s an overview of how we can do that without getting in your face.

How We Make Money

We’re passionate about reviewing various products and services. But, giving this information to our audience out of the kindness of our hearts doesn’t feed out families. We needed to find a way to convert your devoted readership into income so we can support this website and keep food on the table.

Unfortunately, running a website costs money. This is especially true of those who have high traffic volumes. We have overhead and expenses that are necessary to bring you a safe, valuable experience whenever you visit our website or contact us.

Our goal is to make money from Bike Hacks in a way that isn’t blatant or sales-y. Because we want to provide you with the best possible experience without bombarding your with ads, we generate our revenue through affiliate links.

What are Affiliate Links?

Clicking an external link on our website will take you to a store (usually Amazon). In turn, Bike Hacks will receive a small commission for any purchases you make at that affiliate website.

If you want to shop without us making money from the transaction, you can open a new tab and search for the product yourself. The visitors who want to support us can do so by purchasing a product through a link on our page.

However, we don’t just stuff affiliate links into all of our content.

Rather than just linking to the products we review, we’ll use an affiliate link. When we’re making a list or reviewing multiple products, such as “The 10 Best Touring Bikes“, we’ll also include an affiliate link for each of the products we’re ranking. This is a way for us to make money without being too in your face about it. If you like our reviews and decide you’d like to buy the product we are reviewing, we’d love for you to click our affiliate link so we can make that small commission we mentioned earlier.

Amazon Associates Program

If you’re an online shopper, you’ve probably heard of a little eCommerce site called Amazon. It’s a marketplace that has almost everything from books to household products. The Amazon Associates Program is the main affiliate program we use on Bike Hacks. Being an affiliate allows us to link to Amazon products in our reviews. If you decide to make a purchase through our Amazon Affiliate link, we secure a commission.

Because the Amazon is such a great platform for online shopping, being an affiliate is a great way to generate income and serve our loyal customers. They provide access to almost every product or service we review, which allows us to standardize our links.

3rd Party Affiliate Links

Great as Amazon is for consumers, it isn’t the only game in town. Bike Hacks also includes links to other companies that sell products we review. To that end, we use, and will continue to use, other affiliate programs that generate income for the Bike Hacks staff.

Product Promotions

While we make money from affiliate advertisers, we don’t take money for promoting companies or promote products at a company’s request.

We’re proud to offer you this promise: we haven’t sold out to the man yet.

The bottom line is that we only endorse products that we feel are worth your hard-earned money, and we only make money off the products we review through affiliate links.

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