Swrve Keiu Rainjacket Review

Keiu (Say Kay-u) means “welcome rain” in Japanese. I welcomed rain while wearing the Kieu jacket from Swrve. First to see if it was actually waterproof, and secondly because it is actually waterproof.

But more on that later. The first thing I noticed about the Kieu was the number of compliments on how it looks on me, with many folks grabbing my lapels or sleeves to feel the hand of the fabric. The Kieu is fancy. Fancy is not my jam necessarily, but I do like to take a compliment or two on occasion! Neutral in color, dark heather grey they call it, cut for cycling. The slim cut XL size fits me well while offering enough room for a light layer of down for cold times.


There is a nice selection of features… Removable hood, Napoleon-style chest pocket, long tail to cover your ass, handwarmer pockets, fleece around the neck for coziness, and Velcro-adjustable cuffs. Zippered vents low enough to not interfere with a backpack. The zippers have a high-quality feel to them, although I need to report that the main zipper tended to get caught in the internal binding tape on the way up.


Anyway, Kieu is pretty waterproof. 15k waterproof, which means that if you put a square tube with inner dimensions of 1×1” over a piece of this fabric, you could fill it with water to a height of 15,000 mm (32.8 feet) before water will leak through. This waterproofing is accentuated with seam-sealed construction in a modified-raglan design to keep water away from the seams. It’s also breathable to a level of 10k. This means that 10,000 grams of water can pass out through a square meter of the fabric in a 24 hour period. Not to get all tech on you, I just googled this stuff.


This is all fun and games though. The only garment that’s really, 100% waterproof is an impermeable rubber or plastic one like you see on fishing boats and school crossings and such. These types of garments are great for standing around in the rain but you will find yourself drenched in sweat as soon as you start exerting yourself. Hence the quest for waterproof, breathable fabrics. In practice, I found the Kieu pretty darn waterproof but not 100% breathable, as I did find myself slightly damp with my own internal moisture at times. But this fine. It is really more important than the jacket keeps the water out, right? I think this fits in well with the casual nature of my riding style, you see. If I was racing or into super heavy workouts this might be a different story.

I dig this jacket. Lots of nice little details, the right functionality, the right amount of waterproof, and style on the street. $300 from https://swrve.us/ or one of their dealers.

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