Review Globe Daily 1 Interbike: An Excellent Errand Bike

Each year at partner with manufacturers to borrow bikes for the week to allow us to commute from our hotel to the show without relying on fossil fuels. And besides, riding bikes is just more fun! In return, we provide feedback on their products. Here is one of our mini-reviews

The Daily 1 is a simple, straightforward townie bike. Like other bikes in the Globe line (which was created by Specialized Bicycles as a stand-alone brand), the Daily has a clean understated look, free of decals and logos, save for the head badge and a model sticker on the seat tube. The British racing green paint, silver components, brown saddle, and grips give the bike a classic appearance.

Review Globe Daily 1 Interbike: A Straightforward Townie Bike

The short top tube and mustache bars create a comfortable, upright riding position that made it easy for me to keep an eye on approaching motorists as I wove through Vegas traffic. I found the 700x28c tires on the narrow side for a light utility bike, though they did give the bike a zippy ride quality. There were no surprises when it came to handling; this bike was stable and predictable. The Daily was easy to maneuver, even with a case of beer weighing down the front rack.

A relatively lightweight aluminum frame made hoisting the Daily 1 up a flight of stairs less of a chore. As much as I like steel frames, the lightweight and lack of concern for rust afforded by an aluminum frame seem ideal for a bike that could see all-weather commuting duties or spend a significant amount of time exposed to the elements while locked up. The full-coverage fenders didn’t come in handy while commuting in “Lost Wages” but would be appreciated by cyclists riding in less arid climates.

The Daily 1 comes equipped with a 42×16-tooth gearing, which worked well for spinning along on flat terrain. If you find yourself in need of more than one gear, the Daily 2 or 3 may better suit your needs. The former offers an 8-speed, 11-32t cassette, while the latter is equipped with an internally geared 7-speed Shimano Nexus hub.

My Favorite Feature of The Globe Daily 1 Interbike

What was my favorite feature of the Daily 1? The U-lock carrier built into the right side of the front rack. It’s a nice touch that shows forethought into how this bike will be used and removes the need for a clunky mounting bracket on the frame.

The Daily 1 is a bike I could see myself owning as a go-to steed for quick errands. It would be an ideal bike for weekend jaunts to the farmer’s market, coffee shop cruising and the occasional beer run.

My only issue with the Daily 1 was with the tires. There are a lot of potholes and cobbled streets in my ‘hood. If it were my personal bike, I would replace the 28c Specialized Infinity tires with higher volume 30-35c tires once they wore out. As for aesthetics, the white tires looked great when new, but after a few trips down the Las Vegas strip, the tread tuned black from the asphalt roadway. Better to just start with black tires. When in Vegas, always bet on black.

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