Is Weed Bad For Athletes?

Is weed bad for athletes? Many people wonder if marijuana can make you stronger, better, or faster. We’ve got the information if you’re considering smoking buds grown from fast version seeds or other cannabis varieties before cycling.

Some athletes report that marijuana helps them perform and heal better, but is what they say true? Keep reading as we unpack the proposed benefits of smoking weed before pushing the pedal to the metal.

What Do The Studies Say?

A recent study revealed that cycling after smoking marijuana has an almost nonexistent effect on the ability to operate a bicycle properly. Researchers set up an obstacle course for 14 bikers and asked them to complete it while sober and high.

They found that cannabis had little to no effect on the participants’ performance. It’s believed that high levels of THC only cause minor coordination disturbances. All the test subjects were regular weed users, so taking your newbie friends biking high is probably a bad idea.

Any exercise, including cycling, can cause injuries that may lead to inflammation. Many studies have shown weed has anti-inflammatory properties, which could benefit healing and flexibility.

Mental health is crucial for peak athletic performance. Another study based on anecdotal evidence found that many people use marijuana to help them stay motivated. It creates a similar feeling to runner’s high that makes exercising, especially dreaded cardio days, more exciting.

Should You Smoke Weed Before Cycling?

Like anything, smoking weed has its ups and downs, and every individual reacts differently. We drew some generalized conclusions about the potential effects using research and anecdotal evidence below.

Benefits Of Smoking Weed Before Cycling

Here are four purported benefits of smoking weed before cycling:

1. Pain relief

Cyclists commonly complain about knee pain and other joint-related issues. The cannabinoids in marijuana, especially CBD, may reduce inflammation and help promote the elasticity of cartilage.

Cyclists who are smoking may recover faster and have better endurance due to lower pain levels. You won’t get bogged down by aches and can push yourself harder.


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    2. Improved concentration

    Riding a bicycle requires strong motor skills and efficient coordination. Feeling foggy or unable to focus could risk your safety, especially when cycling in rough terrain.

    Cannabis might increase your sensory awareness, allowing you to be more attentive to your surroundings. It may be beneficial when cycling in unfamiliar areas or on uneven ground. Stronger focus also prevents you from getting distracted.

    3. Increased endorphins

    When you consume marijuana, the active compounds mimic the hormones that create endorphins. They stimulate endocannabinoids, triggering your brain’s reward system to make you feel happy and satisfied. 

    Almost any cardio workout, including cycling, produces an effect known as runner’s high. Cannabis may trigger this sensation the minute you get on your bike, giving you a consistent feed of happy juice.

    Cannabinoids may reduce the effects of stress on your body, so weed may be healthy for athletes with this issue. People who exercise tend to have high cortisol levels from extreme tension and pressure on the body.

    4. Reduced muscle spasms

    You know when you’re just about to reach a milestone, and a cramp catches your calf? Smoking weed before you hit the trail may release muscle tension and prevent spasms. 

    It could also promote relaxation while engaging mental focus and more flexible movements. Remember to stay hydrated, as cannabis may cause cramping in some cases.

    Risks Of Smoking Weed Before Cycling

    Here are three potential drawbacks of smoking marijuana before cycling:

    1. Lung damage

    Smoking any substance may harm your health and is especially dangerous for pre-existing lung conditions. Smoke can irritate the bronchi leading to wheezing, asthma, and bronchitis.

    2. Lack of coordination

    Consuming too much THC could leave you too high to function, while excess CBD may sedate you. Stick to low doses and monitor your reactions.

    3. Having too much fun

    Is THC performance enhancing? It could improve your endurance by making you feel more motivated and happy, as long as you don’t overdo it.

    Many people report that smoking weed makes cycling fun and lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery. Be warned; you might have so much fun you lose track of time.

    Tips For Smoking Weed Before Cycling

    Does weed make you faster? It won’t make you quicker, but it could give you the motivation to push through and become a stronger cyclist. When done right, cannabis may be a beneficial addition to your exercise routine.

    Here are some tips to follow: 

    • Only consume low to moderate doses of THC and CBD.
    • Have some snacks on hand.
    • Stay hydrated to avoid cottonmouth, dry eyes, and cramps.
    • Wait at least ten minutes after smoking before you hit the trails.
    • Choose sativa-dominant strains as indica cultivars tend to be more sedating.

    Key Takeaways

    So, is weed bad for athletes? Studies show that the cannabinoids in marijuana may have numerous benefits for cyclists. The anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting properties could keep you pain-free and motivated. 

    Choose a sativa-dominant strain and stick to low doses to make the best of your bike and bake session.

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