How To Upgrade Your Cycling Experience Using Mobile Apps?

Nowadays, there are plenty of mobile applications for many different exercises that are very useful and can help you keep track of the statistics of your training. When it comes to cycling, there is a wide selection of these, available for both Android and iOS devices, which are used as a companion for daily cycling routines.

If you enjoy riding a bicycle, various apps can help you with its features. GPS tracking is one of them, so you can easily find the directions for your trip without stopping. In addition, you can record your tracks and share your results later.

Look further at this article and check some of the most popular cycling apps.

Gaming Apps For Rewarding Break Time

Whenever we do something that is tiring it’s important to keep ourselves motivated and even reward our own efforts. The same applies to cycling, as you should have apps that can give you an entertaining and relaxing break.

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Quarq ShockWiz

Tuning up the bike suspension can be very difficult, especially for the mountain type of bike. The ShockWiz app can help you with that, as it eliminates the call for a CS degree.

The app measures how the individual performs, and can aid you in setting up the rear or front shock perfectly. Your weight and style of ride definitely play a huge role in how the suspension behaves.

The app uses algorithms to tell you how to perfectly tune your suspension for maximum pleasure and performance, which is the reason for its popularity.


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    Quarq TireWiz

    Another important fact for the performance of mountain bikes is tire optimization, and there are three essential aspects of them, such as thread pattern, tire pressure, and tire width. The TireWiz app can help you with tire optimization, as it consists of hardware with Bluetooth sensors.

    The mobile app connects with the bike and based on your weight and how aggressive you ride, it determines the pressure for your front and rear tire. Afterward, when you meet the goal for your tire settings, you will definitely boost your riding experience, and avoid drops of tire pressure, since the app alerts if that happens.



    The Zwift app allows you to ride with other cyclists virtually, and it is a very popular online platform. You can do so by choosing different roads, all based on real locations.

    One of the conveniences of Zwift is that you can use it indoors, on a trainer bike. It is perfect for the days when the weather conditions are not good for a real ride. The platform is perfectly made to stay motivated and enjoy every riding adventure.

    Specialized Ride

    One of the purposes of the Ride applications is to be connected with the local riders from your community. Many times you will be riding alone, so the app connects to Specialized’s helmet system.

    You can send out the alert that you are going for the ride, which allows other app users to track you in real time. One of the advantages of this app is that if you crash, the app sends an SOS message so you can get help from other riders.

    If you are fine, you can cancel the SOS signal, but if you do not manage to do that, the app will provide your exact location and call for help. It is recorded that features like this saved many cyclists’ lives by sending them support.


    Since cycling is becoming more and more popular today, there are many useful and helpful applications available for bike riding enthusiasts. Various apps are available to connect you with other riders and give you the challenge of breaking their records.

    On the other side, some of these applications can give you great help in tuning your bike, since the latest technology provides sensors to determine the best optimization for your riding style

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