Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

In the US alone, the number of bicycle accidents is rising. In 2019, more than 700 cyclists lost their lives because of traffic accidents. Over 48,000 cyclists receive minor and severe injuries from road accidents. 

Nevertheless, cycling is still a great hobby to take. It can help you get to places with ease while avoiding the increasing fuel costs. If you want to purchase a bicycle as your daily vehicle or as a recreational sport, it helps to learn about typical bicycle accidents. 

What are Typical Bicycle Accidents to Avoid? 

Bicycles come in many shapes and sizes. Furthermore, many people select bikes since they can easily reach their destinations. A bike can also serve as an affordable alternative to motorcycles and other vehicles that consume fuel. However, there are some incidents and situations that can cause bicycle accidents.

Learning about typical bicycle accidents keeps you alert. For instance, you can always contact a texas bicycle accident lawyer if you need professional help following a bicycle accident. A bicycle accident lawyer has enough knowledge, experience, and expertise that will prove helpful after you survive a typical bicycle accident. 

Let us now share with you common bicycle accidents you can avoid:

Right Cross Bicycle Accident

A right cross bike accident is a typical bicycle accident that can happen all the time. It can happen to any cyclist trying to pass through crossroads. A right cross bicycle accident occurs when any vehicle suddenly pulls out from the right lane of a street, driveway, or parking lot. Some cyclists may not notice the car pulling out, resulting in collisions and serious injuries. 

Left Cross Bicycle Accident

Any cyclist can be a victim of a left-cross bicycle accident. A left cross bicycle accident can happen when any vehicle comes from the left side of a cyclist. It can occur at crossroads, outside garages, parkways, and driveways. The car can hit a cyclist directly or even cause damage to both their vehicle and the bicycle.

Right Hook Bicycle Accident

Whenever any vehicle is maneuvering inside a road, some motorists and cyclists should notice. Otherwise, they can fall victim to a right hook bicycle accident. A right hook bicycle accident can occur when any vehicle passes through the left side of a bicycle and continues traveling to its left side. As a result, the cyclist and the bike receive injuries and damage from a collision. 

Door Prize Bicycle Accident

Every cyclist can be a victim of a door prize bicycle accident when traveling through traffic. Bicycles can travel through the spaces in between stagnant cars. However, a door prize bicycle can happen when an opening car door collides with a traveling bicycle. In some cases, a cyclist attempts to avoid the opening door only to endanger themselves while arriving on the path of a moving car.


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    Rear-Ending Bicycle Accident

    Rear-ending accidents also happen with cyclists. A rear-ending bicycle accident occurs when a bicycle traveling the right lane avoids a road obstacle. After swerving to the left lane, their bicycle’s rear can get hit by a moving car. Rear-ending bicycle accidents are also prevalent in bikes trying to pass through traffic.

    Red Light Bicycle Accident

    Red Light bicycle accidents happen when a cyclist stops beside any vehicle. When the red light turns green, the moving vehicle can either move to its left or right. Not noticing the bicycle, the vehicle’s driver can incidentally hit it. It is advisable for cyclists to always stop behind a car when approaching a red light.

    Wrong-Way Bicycle Accident

    Riding bicycles for a distance can cause fatigue to the cyclist. As a result, they might travel on the wrong side of the road. It means that a cyclist can travel contrary to the natural flow of traffic. A cyclist can avoid this by observing the movement of vehicles and their direction before entering a road. Any car can perform a maneuver that can collide with the bicycle. 


    Bicycles serve as an affordable option for fuel-driven vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and trucks. However, not all people wanting to use a bike are aware of the dangers they might encounter while traveling. It will be helpful to learn about typical bicycle accidents so you can avoid them.

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