A Bicycle Cargo Trailer by Trailerduck – Features & Benefits

Trailerduck, A Smart e-Bike Trailer, Makes Life Easier

How often do you wish you had access to a bicycle cargo trailer that could transport your bike to wherever you wanted in a much more convenient way? Well, your wish may have already been granted. A German firm named DroidDrive is developing a smart eBike trailer set to make city life easier. This bicycle cargo trailer is aptly named Trailerduck. And even though the new smart eBike trailer is set to launch in late 2022, it has already generated quite a buzz. Today, we are taking a look at its characteristics and how it will make your life easier. 

What is Trailerduck – An In-depth Look

Trailerduck Bicycle Cargo Trailer Team

Images by Trailerduck

This self-propelled vehicle takes its cues from the vehicle in front. You can add anything to the front, from an actual car to an eBike. Trailerduck is creative, eco-friendly with a zero-discharge, small-sized mechanized coordination payload. It is electric and self-moved, yet it follows the lead vehicle, including anything from an e-bicycle to a car. 

A very unique bicycle cargo trailer

The Trailerduck’s electric drive ensures that it can easily follow you and keeps track of the charge in the towing vehicle. A solitary duck is 1m in length and travels on the cycling path, in the city, and surprisingly on the walkway. In addition to the fact that it has a low environmental impression, yet additionally no personal time when charging on account of interchangeable batteries. Trailerduck is also unique because of its capacity to hold the largest payload in the industry. Since the unusually designed drawbar with which it appends to the bicycle is equipped with sensors, it tracks the towing vehicle. It performs all the moves, including the speed maintenance and turning in and out all alone. 

Trailerduck Trailer

Images by Trailerduck

Urban Transport

Also, in the light of the fact that the bicycle cargo trailer is electric and actually a piece of the bicycle, it will want to traverse all vehicle-free downtown areas where conveyance vans are not permitted at this point, making it truly an urban transport.

Long-Range Source

e-Bicycles are now used to pull freight, and there is a whole, thriving economic sector for them. Freight bicycles must be reloaded continuously because of their low payload and little stacking volume, requiring various cost-concentrated micro hubs. Regardless of whether to use an e-bike to transport food or your children to school on a regular basis or as part of a larger armada for a transportation service, you are aware that payload e-bikes and e-bicycle trailers have their limitations. For the most part, they’re identified with the greatest payload, general mobility, and convenience. They can be real dealbreakers for certain possible clients. Vans or e-Vans were made for the road. Thus they frequently need to stop in the second line and are consistently trapped in rush hour gridlock. Trailerduck consolidates the benefits of the two methodologies and can be combined with any administrative object. 

Side View of Trailerduck

Images by Trailerduck

The Capability of Carrying a Payload up to 300 kg

It can handle up to 300kgs of payload and has a stacking volume of 2m3 thanks to a creative, lightweight design.

Fast Delivery

Its payload trailer coordinates with the speed of the bicycle towing it, up to a limit of 30km/hour. This speed is, in fact, much more than other urban conveyances, thus ensuring fast delivery to the customers.


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    Potential Benefits in the Long Term

    Trailerduck Bicycle Cargo On the Road

    Images by Trailerduck

    Reliable and Green Choice for Transportation

    Trailerduck will be a unique addition to the goods delivery vehicles in the city. Freight bikes may for sure be a spotless, green choice for making urban conveyances. However, they can convey just a reasonably measured burden. The Trailerduck allows bicycles to pull more payload by coordinating with its force and controlling the towed bicycle. On the off chance that this concept gains traction, conventional bicycle couriers will want to transport considerably more. Furthermore, if they work in less-rainy regions, in-city truck conveyance fleets might consider converting their vehicles to bicycles. A framework might require no bicycle at all. 

    Remedy to Many Problems

    A Trailerduck technology stands apart for taking care of different issues. Indeed, it offers various characteristics making it an extraordinary innovation with huge potential for progress. The arrangement of supporting electrical mechanics makes it a lot simpler to convey the heap behind it. In fact, it is equipped for adjusting the speed progressively, that He conveys the bicycle he is joined to. Normally, under load, it is hard to acquire speed. It will require little exertion for the client. The firm that has planned this innovation clarified that a solitary motor can transmit the primary power to trailer wheels. Sensors in the bar decide the speed of the two-wheeled vehicle. As a result, every second is adjusted meticulously. 

    Back View of Trailerduck Cargo Trailer

    Images by Trailerduck

    Access to Car-Free Areas

    It is important to highlight that it provides excellent execution. Also, on account of its smaller width, it is more effective on a wide range of roads. It can convey extraordinary execution and obviously permit transport at an unbelievable expense compared to traditional vehicles. Moreover, transport in the city has gone through significant changes lately. The improvement of online business has caused an expansion in stock rush hour gridlock and many other things. This obviously has prompted an expansion in discharges of toxins. This is generally because, by far, most of these choices don’t have reasonable mechanics. Although the Trailerduck is securely fastened to the bike, the company regards this as a transient tradition. The facts confirm that firms are now accelerating the change of their dispersion structure, but progress needs time. Under this scenario, the time has come to search for various other options. Trailerduck offers a simple method to move products in the city. One thing that is having a more prominent effect is the utilization of bicycles. Those who have an acceleration aid gadget will benefit even more. If a large amount of weight needs to be transported, it will suffice if there is a consistent gradient that makes reaching specific locations difficult. Therefore, it is a need of the hour to go to another development. The organization is also promoting a duck train framework, in which the trailer is fastened to the bicycle via Lidar. In addition, the user may place numerous trailer ducks behind it in a guard.

    Final Thoughts

    Do the characteristics of Trailerduck appear to be mind-blowing to you? Because they obviously are! This has just begun, though. Once several units of Trailerduck are out on the roads, this would permit numerous units of the bicycle cargo trailer to make a sort of load caravan following a bicycle. This innovation might become a remarkable breakthrough over the following years. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

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