Is Tommaso a Good Bike Brand?

Tommaso is known for offering some of the best road bikes on budget, which means, yes, they are a good bike brand. However, there’s more to this brand than just affordable and quality steeds.

Is Tommaso a Good Bike Brand?

They also pride themselves on Italian-designed and -manufactured bikes, which translates to some exquisite-looking items you would never have guessed were within your price range.

Today, we’ll unlock the different reasons to buy Tommaso Imola and other Tommaso models by looking into the brand’s features and the things that set them apart from the field.

What To Know Before Buying

One important tidbit to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a Tommaso bike is that it’s only available online. That means no test-riding and getting a feel of a particular model before making a decision.

On the plus side, the many online reviews on the brand’s models should more than makeup for this lack of assessment.

Generally, Tommaso reviews lean on the positive and are mostly full of praise for their bikes’ features. The following sections will attempt to give you an idea of where the authors of these dazzling reviews are coming from.

Tommaso Specifications

Like many bike brands, Tommaso’s stellar reputation stems from its features. Most would never be able to believe they can access the bikes with so little investment.

The only thing that’s low-end about this bike is its price. Everywhere else, it can give even high-end brands a run for their money. Tommaso gives you all the benefits of bike riding and more in the form of the following features:


Frame-wise, Tommaso brings a quality fitting of its price range. The structure works in synchrony with the rest of the steed’s features, ensuring there is no need for alterations or adjustments. Besides, if something works perfectly, why change it?

The frame might not be the most comfortable, but it isn’t uncomfortable or heavy, either. It can still give you a seamless both offroad and uphill.


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    The drivetrain is usually where there’s room to boost profits by opting for low-quality solutions. Tommaso, however, did not hesitate to diverge from this path by fitting their models with a top-notch drivetrain groupset, such as the Shimano Claris groupset.

    It comes with a 3 x 8 combination of gears that perfectly suits a beginner cyclist’s ability. It also offers several gear options for an uphill ride, allowing you to keep up with your more advanced biking buddies with ease.


    This specific component of the Shimano Claris groupset deserves its own section due to superior results. Unlike groupsets in most budget bike models, derailleurs in the Shimano Claris provide optimal performance at an affordable price.

    Derailleurs that are properly adjusted and well-maintained offer effortless gear transition. In the case of the Imola model, since you can only purchase it online, have a bike shop mechanic adjust its derailleurs so it’s done correctly.

    Wheels and Tires

    A budget-friendlier model like the Imola has its own TC-20 wheels, which is a less aerodynamic version of the ones in high-end Tommaso road bikes. The wheel at the front contains 20 spokes, while the back one has 24, providing more than enough support for the rider’s weight.

    These wheels have tires called Kenda’s 700 x 25c, which holds the perfect width for those transitioning from a different type of bike. Though, there’s an off chance you would have to take a Tommaso bike to a shop for wheel truing. So, keep that in mind when you purchase one.


    Tommaso’s budget road bikes are without disc brakes, which has obvious cons and a fair share of pros. That’s because cheaper disc brakes tend to add weight to a bike, which could affect the smoothness of your ride.

    Brakes also provide manufacturers the opportunity to save money by aiming for low-end solutions. Again, Tommaso decided to take a different route, opting for mid-level brake clippers by Shimano Claris, allowing you to hit a full stop when you need to. Though, it might not let you ride very fast.

    Saddle and Pedals

    These are among the unremarkable parts of a Tommaso bike, particularly in the low- to mid-price range items. However, they are still very much decent and enjoyable in these models.

    In a budget-range Tommaso bike, you can usually expect flat pedals for immediate riding. Seat-wise, these models showcase WTB- and Tommaso-influenced seats that contain the latter’s logo and are suited for long-ride comfort.

    Where the Tommaso Falls Short

    From unremarkable to truly stellar features comes a downside that still makes itself known among Tommaso’s relatively stand-out characteristics. We’re talking about the fork, which is heavy and made of aluminum and adds unnecessary weight to the bike.


    That said, considering this is part of Tommaso’s budget-friendly models, we’re lucky it’s the only thing we have to deal with. Plus, it can easily be worked around on, so it won’t really pose any long-term problems in the end.


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