Quick Guide: 5 Tips to Take Eye-Catching Bike Photos

It’s official: your art wall is ready for an upgrade. If you’re hoping to adorn your wall with a custom motorcycle portrait, you’ll need to snap a high-quality photograph of your favorite bike.

With an epic bike photo in hand, our artists will create a custom bike illustration that can be framed and displayed for years to come.

So prepare space on your wall: by following these 5 photography tips, you’ll end up with a top-notch piece of digital artwork that captures the true essence of a beloved bike.

How to Take a Photo of Your Bike

1. Chase the Light

If you’re aiming for a photograph worth its weight in gold, shoot during golden hour. Early morning and late afternoon sunlight will give your bike a warm glow, illuminating its details and giving more dimension to its colors and curves.

If you’re busy during dusk or dawn, try shooting on a cloudy day to get an even glow on your bike. When shooting for light, try walking around your motorcycle and practicing different photo angles that highlight its reflective surfaces.

You’re the expert on your bike, which means you have the most insight on when, how, and where your bike shines the brightest.

2. Shoot at the Right Angle

Because your photograph will be transformed into a custom bike drawing, make sure to shoot at the angle you want to be illustrated. Your bike is your model – but it’s up to you to select its pose!

Don’t be afraid to get low to the ground for a unique wheel perspective, or opt for a classic photo and stick to the rule of thirds.

Whichever angle you choose, an excellent bike photo relies as much on a photographer’s creative vision as their gear.

3. Use a High-Quality Camera

At Respoke, we don’t require any fancy photography equipment to take the best bike photo: all you need is a high-quality phone camera.


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    Your main goal is to snap a high-resolution photo, which allows our artists to incorporate more detail in the final bike artwork.

    If you’re planning to take more professional motorcycle photos in the future, consider investing in a fast camera with high FPS (frames-per-second) for more consistent quality: the higher the megapixels, the more detail in the final image.

    4. Consider an Action Shot

    Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or photo pro, this can be an exciting opportunity to practice high-speed action shots of your bike.

    As long as the image is clear and well-lit, capturing your bike while on the move can produce dynamic and exciting photographs.

    The camera needs to be set to burst mode – and of course, if you’re the photographer, you’ll need a reliable buddy to take your bike on a joy ride.

    5.  Show Some Personality

    If your bike features a unique logo or another personal identifier, try to capture it! While these details may seem small, they help tell the story of you and your bike.

    Our designers painstakingly recreate key details such as license plates, logos, and even small bumps on the wheels.

    We work hard to ensure that our custom bike artwork is as personalized as possible – and our 500+ 5-star reviews attest to this.

    Lights, camera, bike: these are the only 3 things you need to take eye-catching photographs of your favorite motorcycle.

    Follow these tips, send your photo our way, and we’ll send you a striking piece of motorcycle artwork to spruce up your living space with something sophisticated and sentimental.


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