Three Great Spots to Cycle Around Las Vegas

As many are aware, the pandemic brought on an upsurge in people taking to two wheels to get out to exercise.

It wasn’t just for fitness; it enabled us to take in a vista different from the four walls we were all constrained within for so long. However, as reported by, it wasn’t just a fad, as cycling has continued to be a firm favorite with people across the country; even now things are returning to normal.

Although being around your local area is still a joy, why limit yourself, as there are so many other places you could head to up the cycling ante while still enjoying your surroundings. We recently looked at some of the routes you could take around Europe, but there are some nice places to visit a little closer to home.

While Las Vegas is known for being the place to play poker and witness world-class shows and sporting events, it’s also a good destination for those who love the outdoors, where they can take in some of the most beautiful landscapes and fantastic trails in the US. That isn’t just on foot; you can hit some great routes on two wheels around Las Vegas.

Rather than leave you to find out some of the best options, we’ll give you the heads-up on three-of-a-kind spots to cycle out in Nevada.

Union Pacific Railroad Trail

This eight-mile-long route is excellent for those who like to take things easy and maybe start with something a little urban to get warmed up before raising your game to something more challenging.

As the name of the trail suggests, the Union Pacific Railroad stretches the majority of the route before making way for tree-lined trails that weave through residential and shopping areas of Henderson towards the neighboring city of Las Vegas.

As this route is only eight miles long and relatively flat, it’s a great trail to take it easy, sit back and enjoy. It’s also a good one for those hoping to beat the heat with a quick morning ride and can be done from Vegas to Henderson and back to create a decent distance.

Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop

After a poker session in the casino at the Red Rock Resort, one of the best ways to change the pace is to head out into the heartland of the Mojave Desert. As mentioned by, the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is one of the most relaxing places in the area, and what’s even better is that it’s located just a few miles west of the resort and the Strip.

Within its 195,000 acres lies the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop, and it’s the trail to bank on if you want to experience the rough, wild nature. While the 12.5-mile trail, full of twists, turns, and undulation, will also put your endurance to the test, it’s beautiful and not to be missed.


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    River Mountains Loop Trail

    First of all, please bear in mind this is the longest option measuring at around 35-miles long, but don’t be daunted because it’s more than worth checking out. It’s even better if you’re looking to take in one of the region’s most iconic and well-known landmarks because you get a little bit of everything on the River Mountains Loop Trail.

    Not only do the River Mountains, which overlook the path, provide a stunning backdrop, but you’ll also likely catch sight of some big horned sheep that roam free in the landscape. Then just as you think it can’t get any better, Las Vegas Lake’s vast waters will first reveal themselves, then the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, and iconic Hoover Dam.

    There you have it, our list of the best trails to be found out and about the Las Vegas area. Before you decide to head out to Nevada make sure your bike is in good order and remember, when you’re out there, stay hydrated, be mindful of the mid-afternoon sun, and enjoy yourself.


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