The 6 Most Common Threats To Bicyclists On The Road

Cycling is considered to be a great cardiovascular exercise and also boosts your overall well-being and mental health, as per wellness specialists and doctors. The bicycling trend has been on the rise for several years now and so has an uptick in the number of bicycle accidents.

Since bicycles are smaller in size than other vehicles on the road and additionally, offer no protection to the rider, the injuries from a bicycle accident can be severe or even life-claiming. In this blog, we have talked about the riskiest places for bicycle riders.

After recognizing the possible threats, you can learn how to respond to emergencies, and what you can do as bicyclists to improve things. Let’s begin.


Safety concerns at the intersections are a significant hindrance to cycling in the United States. Mishaps at T-intersections are all around as normal as mishaps at traffic circles. Any mishap between a vehicle entering an intersection and a bicycle going through a convergence can be deadly.

Moreover, crashes involving a four-wheeler or 18-wheeler were twice as likely to result in a severe injury. Numerous drivers fail to see the other side of the road at intersections. The intersections at the smaller roads are generally more deadly as there is higher traffic on these roads which may affect the severity of a bicycle crash injury.

Swerving Around Potholes

It’s a good idea to stay away from street potholes as they are one of the major reasons for bicycle accident cases. If you are riding on a pothole-filled road, you should have the experience of how to roll and hop over potholes easily.

Lift the handlebars as you lift your feet, keeping the pedals lined up with the street. You can redirect the wheels around the pothole while at the same time keeping your body in a generally straight way by quickly pivoting the handlebar one way and afterward the other.

Wheels In Parallel Cracks

If the wheel gets caught in cracks along the pavement, it can tear the rubber or leather. To avoid a flat tire when crossing a parallel crack, it is advised to bend the bike slightly towards the parallel cracks and then kick the front wheel sideways. If a wheel gets stuck in a crack, lifting the front wheel and then trying to move may work fine.


Not surprisingly, roundabouts are one of the most accident-prone places, especially large roundabouts with multiple exits. Any of these scenarios can occur –

  • When a driver enters a roundabout, he/she might miss noticing the cyclist who is coming from a secondary road. In such situations, the driver will end up hitting the bicycle.
  • The driver might try to overtake the cyclist in order to exit the roundabout. However, there might not be enough space. As a result, their vehicle collides with a cyclist before exiting the roundabout.

Wet Road

The first few minutes of cycling after the rain can be deadly and is a major cause of many bicycle accidents. Rain may form a smooth coating on the chain of your bicycle. You should cover your chain in a degreaser, allow it to dry, and then wipe it down.


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    This also improves the tire’s traction on the road. It is important to invest in the right travel essentials, like a high-quality waterproof jacket, gloves, and a chain degreaser, and constantly keep a check on the tires.


    Many people commute by bicycle. With so many cars on the road, some drivers can become stressed by congestion and impatience. One of the most common forms of accidents occurs when a vehicle driver tries to overtake a stopped or slow-motion bicycle.

    When drivers change lanes without first checking their mirrors and blind zones, accidents frequently occur. Vehicles should allow bicycles at least as much space as they give to other vehicles when overtaking them.

    Bicyclists should drive more cautiously being aware that they may be forced to dodge road bumps and other dangers unexpectedly. Although bicycle accidents are preventable, they can still happen to anyone. It is important to consult a bicycle accident attorney to save yourself from the aftermath of the accident.

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