3 Things Drivers Need to Stop Saying in the Bikes vs. Cars Debate

If you want to spark a heated argument, whether in-person or online, start something about bikes vs. cars. The topic sets off a rage of unbelievable proportions.

It’s a debate that’s as old as anyone could remember, and it still goes on. But it’s 2022, and it’s about time people gave up on the overused statements just for the sake of saying something. It does not help us grow if we keep fighting over who’s the mighty driver: the one on two wheels or the other on four wheels.

When we talk about bikes here, we mean both bicycles and motorcycles. Sadly, two-wheel vehicles are almost always left out of the road. They are hardly considered in road policies and only get attention when bikers unite to call for justice because an appalling tragedy hits one of them.

Unfortunately, they are also the target of the most hurtful statements that make it seem like they do not deserve to be on the road in the first place. It’s sad and scary at the same time.

1. “Cars own the road; the road is designed for them, and they should be the priority.”

Everyone has the right to access the road — may it be private cars, public transport, bikes, and pedestrians. Car dependency may be ruling over most cultures, but roads should provide convenient passage for any traffic.

2. “Cyclists always break the law and are dangerous to be out there with cars.”

People bend traffic rules. Cyclists do it as much as car drivers do it. It’s not a matter of what vehicle one is using but the driver’s behavior.

Many car drivers resort to saying this statement to defend the injustices done to cyclists, but it is downright unfair. Some studies show that about the same percentage of both do not follow the rules at some point.

Are bikers a threat to car owners’ safety? Again, it’s a two-way street. The number of bikers killed each year being run over by speedy four-wheels and the number of pedestrians injured or killed by cyclists will tell you the same.


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    People operating a vehicle have the responsibility to look after their safety as they look out for others. That’s why it is a requirement by law in most states to take out comprehensive insurance.

    For instance, business owners should have commercial auto insurance, as it helps protect people against unexpected expenses if their vehicles figured in an accident.

    3. “There’s no room for bike infrastructure.”

    Change is a great thing to embrace. People may look at roads and think that they are only meant for speeding, but they are designed to carry different modes of transport — and bikers deserve as much part of the road as everyone else. They deserve a protected area to roll safely and get off the road to let the cars speed through.

    In reality, there is nothing to argue about. The mighty driver does not have to exist if being mighty makes you think you own the road and the others don’t deserve being in it. What our world needs are compassionate and courteous drivers, no matter which kind of vehicle they are in.

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