Taking Your Bike Out? Consider These Factors

Cycling is a fun leisure activity, especially among kids and young adults. It is easy, and you can fit it into your daily routine by riding to school, shopping, parks, and work. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, cycling is one of the ways to do that while enjoying the health benefits it offers.

But when riding has become part of your routine, it is easy to forget a few necessary things. Remembering them can enhance your riding experience and promote safety on the road. The next time you are taking your bike out, keep these things in mind.

Ensure You Have the Necessary Accessories

You will need certain accessories to keep you safe and improve your riding experience. One of them is a cycling helmet. It will protect your head if you are involved in an accident. Another important accessory is a bike light. You may not need it during the day, but if you are riding late in the evening or early morning, you cannot depend on street lights only to keep you visible.

Let other people see you by using your bike lights. Do not forget about bike locks, even if you are in a safe neighborhood. It will help deter thieves if you need to stop by the washroom or for a snack.

Dress Up According to the Weather Conditions

If you are an avid cyclist, most likely, you will not let varying temperatures stop you from doing your thing. However, the outfit you put on when it is 70 degrees outside is not the same one you will put on when it is 45 degrees. When it is hot, you will only need a short sleeve jersey and shorts.

But when it is about 35 degrees, you will need a heavy cycling jacket, heavyweight tights, a turtleneck undershirt, a headband covering the ears, heavyweight gloves, wool socks, and winter cycling shoes. The cycling outfit depends on the seasons. While summer demands lighter materials to keep your body cool, winter needs warm gear to keep you warm.

Ensure You Have a Repair and Maintenance Kit

The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck far from home with a flat tire. Even if you are a beginner cyclist, you need to learn how to fix a bike puncture. Watch tutorials online or ask a friend or neighbor to teach you the basics. Before heading out, have a repair kit just in case you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. A basic kit should have tire levers, spare inner tube, mini-pump, patch kit, and folding multi-tool. These are enough to solve most of the challenges that cyclists can face on the road.

Ensure Your Seat Height Is Right

If you are struggling to pedal or experiencing pain in your knees, you need to adjust your seat height. It is too low, causing you to over-extend your muscles during a pedal stroke, leading to pain. This problem is more common among beginners.

They want to ensure their feet are closer to the ground, just in case they almost fall. Unfortunately, you risk tiring quickly or getting injured from the wrong saddle height. When purchasing a bike, you can ask the staff to help you set the best saddle height.

Plan Out Your Route

At some point, you will get tired of riding your bike just around the neighborhood and want to explore new areas. In such cases, plan your route earlier to know where you are going. This allows you to anticipate obstacles you might face and how long the ride will be. If you are going on a biking adventure far from home, you may have to transport your bike on a truck.


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    That means buying certain ford f150 parts, such as a trailer hitch for mounting your bike. This will keep your bike safe until you reach where you will be cycling. It is also good to check the weather conditions, particularly the direction the wind is blowing. When riding in the same direction as the wind is blowing, your ride will go great. But when going against the wind, a one-hour trip can easily turn into three hours.

    Don’t Forget to Carry Drinks and Snacks

    This will mostly depend on how long the ride will be. If you are cycling for less than two hours, you do not need to eat anything. But for longer rides, bring dried fruit and an energy bar to nibble as you cycle. A snack helps boost your energy. You will also need a bottle of water even if the ride is less than two hours. Water keeps you hydrated and boosts your energy levels.

    Your cycling experience depends hugely on how prepared you are. And if you are a beginner, understand that cycling is a learning curve. The more you practice, the better you become. Next time you are taking your bike out, consider these factors.

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