5 Ways to Take Your Bike Experience to The Next Level

Having a hobby within sports as a child is usually exciting and instructive. Each year comes with a lot of new lessons and opportunities to grow and develop. This applies to biking too. Adults might find it difficult to gain knowledge which peters out the experience.

In this article we will take a ride to the fascinating world of biking. It is a lifestyle for many but little extra motivation will make it even better. We will give you some ideas to improve your experience with biking so that you can put it to the next level. Let’s go and join the ride!

1.  Use technology and get Zwift

Technology is everywhere and you can use it in sports too. In the world of bikes there are many apps and equipment where you can track, measure and even implement your training. You basically need good equipment, with relevant technology that can connect in the right way .Biking can be easily trained indoors too where Zwift comes into the picture.

Zwift is a tool for virtual cycling where you can reach your goals and compete with others. It offers structured workouts and social aspects even though you were training at home. Bike people find it fun and easy when you don’t need to use weather or the time of the day as an excuse.

You can also use training softwares to track your CTL which comes from words Chronic Training Load. By doing so, you can both forecast training stress and measure the results. Constant riding is the easiest way to raise the CTL.

Using technology helps you to stick with your plans which is also important to maintain the hobby and make it to the next level. Make your bike hobby a daily priority and include it to your routines among the work and family life. For instance, you can plan to bike every Tuesdays and Thursdays and using the technology allows you no excuses to get away from that commitment.

2.  Check your life habits and improve them

Biking is not just a sport you do when you feel like you want to improve and develop in it. Other aspects play a significant role too. Take a look at your habits and see if they need a major change.

Make sure that your diet contains all the nutrients you need in order to grow in your bike hobby. Check also if there is something you can leave behind like alcohol or white sugar. If you are in doubt, you can consult a professional.

Sleep is the best way to recover and if you want to become better with your bike, go to bed. Sleeping is actually trendier than ever. People track their amount and quality of sleep because it really is a baseline for everything.

Remember also the importance of balance. Do everything in a moderate way and avoid going to the extreme. By doing this, your hobby is in a more sustainable track and you can enjoy the ride longer.


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    3.  Do other sports too

    When you do sports by considering your body as whole you can achieve much better results with your bike. For instance, yoga is an excellent choice to strengthen the muscles you are not necessarily used to training while riding on your bike.

    You can ask some advice from a personal trainer who can make a training plan for you as a bike enthusiast. Make sure you can get the glutes engaged and utilise this muscle group for power production.

    While doing other sports, you can pay attention to the routines of your bike hobby. Consider, if there are any ways to change your routines in order to get another point of view to your hobby.

    4.  Get social with your bike

    Biking doesn’t have to be a lonely ride. There are plenty of opportunities to increase the social aspect into your bike hobby. For instance, group rides can be an excellent opportunity for that.

    It might make your biking more fun but it can also increase your motivation to keep up with the pace. So take your fellow bike friends with you and take the pulls and ride harder together.

    5.  Get racing and do it for a charity

    If you are a competitive person and enjoy taking the challenge, there is no better way to increase your motivation that a little competition. There are plenty of bike competitions around the world and most likely you can find at least one in your surroundings too. Sign up for them and start training.

    Some of the races and competitions have an element of charity. There are many different kinds of charity competitions and you can find the option that fulfills your values and dreams for a better world. This can also motivate you to do your best with your bike and the growth comes along naturally.

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