6 Ways BCAA Supplementation Helps Cycling Performance

Cycling requires a different level of focus and endurance. During and immediately after races, cyclists usually experience significant wear and tear from covering longer distances and sustaining a higher power output. Because of this, many of them take supplements to maintain balance, effort, and efficiency over a long-term race.

While supplementation helps cyclists to boost performance and improve recovery, not all supplements are created equal. Remember that different supplements target different deficiencies. But in the case of cycling, taking BCAA supplements has been found beneficial.

But to guide you in making the best choice, we’ve discussed below how BCAA supplements can help your performance as a cyclist.

What Are BCAA Supplements?

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are made up of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Basically, they are essential amino acids that your body cannot produce alone, meaning you need to ingest them.

But though you can get them from a variety of foods, BCAAs are often hard to obtain in sufficient amounts. That’s why many athletes take them as supplements. Note that BCAA supplements come with potential health benefits, making them an efficient fuel source.

How Does BCAA Supplementation Help Cycling Performance?

Supplementing with BCAAs is most prominent with bodybuilders. However, it has also become popular in endurance sets or those requiring constant force over a certain period like cycling. In addition, many cyclists use the top bcaa supplement to kick-start the recovery they need and boost long-term gains.

Here are six ways BCAA supplementation helps cycling performance:

Takes Effect Faster

BCAAs have unique features, especially when it comes to absorption. For most supplements, the liver needs enough time to metabolize them before your body can use them. But BCAAs are oxidized in the skeletal muscle for fuel, so you’ll feel the effects much sooner. So, within a short time, you can get the power you need to pump the pedals and start the race on a good note.

Lowers the Perception of Pain

Cycling is like a full-body workout. So whether you’re on a race or a short bike ride, every part of your body can hurt. Encountering pain while you’re doing all the pedaling can disrupt your concentration and eventually affect your performance.

But BCAA supplementation helps lower the perception of pain. As a result, you can stay energized and focused while BCAAs are soaking up in your muscles, suppressing all the tiny pain signals you get along the way.


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    Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis

    Proteins are the building blocks for muscle growth, making them essential for cyclists and other athletes. Note that with stronger muscles, you can potentiate earlier and produce optimal performance. Since BCAAs help increases new muscle tissue synthesis, taking them as supplements can make you stronger and faster.

    Boosts Immune Function

    Intense, strenuous physical activities like cycling can increase the production of stress hormones and other proteins. As a consequence, your immune system can be put in distress temporarily, influencing your performance.

    Supplementing with BCAAs helps boost your immune function. Since they increase muscle protein synthesis, BCAAs also support the growth of antibodies, which fight illnesses and function.

    Improves Muscle Recovery

    After cycling for a longer period, your body may experience soreness known as delay onset muscle soreness (DOMS). While it’s a natural occurrence, DOMS can last for several days, depending on the unaccustomed stress you put on your muscles.

    Remember that you need to give your muscles time to rest and recover, affecting your days of training or cycling. BCAA supplementation helps improve muscle recovery as it decreases muscle soreness and damage.

    Maintains Better Mental Focus

    Rigorous activities like cycling also require concentration. But as you pedal your way through, your muscles can become sore, and you can run out of energy. In addition, it can make your mind tired, and chances are, you’re likely to get worn out and give up along the course instead of enduring.

    Maintaining mental focus is vital to push through and supplementing with BCAAs helps prevent a possible increase of serotonin in the brain, often linked to fatigue. So with BCAA supplementation, you can remain physically and mentally active throughout the course.

    What’s the Best Way to Take Bcaa Supplements?

    BCAA supplements come in powders or tablets. Most often, powders are used since they have a faster digestion time. However, capsules are the most common choice when it comes to convenience as they don’t need to be mixed with water or any drink. But regardless of what you choose, proper timing and dosage are essential to get optimal results.

    If you want to boost energy, consider getting a 6 to 10-gram dose thirty minutes before your scheduled cycling. Note that BCAAs can go directly to your muscle cells, so make sure not to take them too early. Else, you won’t be able to experience its maximum beneficial effects.

    Also, bear in mind that sipping BCAAs all day won’t get you better results. It’s also important to cycle your BCAA intake by having a couple of hours in between doses, especially if your goal is to increase muscle protein synthesis.

    Enhance Cycling Performance With BCAAs

    You should always prioritize whole food over supplements. But if you don’t get sufficient amounts of BCAAs from your diet, taking BCAA supplements can be a healthy option to enhance your cycling performance. Just make sure to consult with your doctor or sports nutritionist to avoid any potential risks to your health.


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