11 Student-Friendly Apps to Help You Succeed

You are not alone if you’re sick of studying and desire more free time instead of frantically searching the web for answers to your homework assignments or reliable DoMyEssay reviews to make sure the paper writing service you are about to hire will do the job and get you an A. College life is challenging and difficult in many ways. Making time for your friends, hobbies, school, and extracurricular activities while also fitting in study time might be difficult. College life is challenging and difficult in many ways. Making time for your friends, hobbies, school, and extracurricular activities while also fitting in study time might be difficult.

There’s no reason to give up. These days, we have the technologies at our disposal. I’ve compiled a list of apps that can keep you organized at work and in your social life. You have trouble believing me, do you? Verify them!

1. iStudiez Pro

By effectively arranging your daily responsibilities, iStudiez Pro can assist you in getting caught up and in taking charge of your homework assignments. Additionally, it can be utilized as a planner or grade tracker. The attractive calculator on iStudiez can also be used to determine your GPA.

2. Grammarly 

In college, you aren’t allowed to make any grammatical or spelling errors, are you? If you want to get good grades, no. Professors at the university level desire flawless, superior writings. Your writing must be faultless if you want to achieve great results. That is the reason Grammarly exists.

Grammarly will save you time and effort with its sophisticated grammar checker, contextual spell checker, cutting-edge punctuation checker, and vocabulary building tool!

3. Mini-scanner

Every day, students snap pictures of their assignments, essays, and other materials. So, utilizing Scanner Mini is the best option for saving your papers. The app’s extensive editing features make it simpler to read your photos. For instance, you can use the options it offers to highlight key text if that’s your thing.

4. Self-Control

Here’s an app that will transform your life if you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram more often than you should. SelfControl assists you in avoiding distractions by temporarily blocking particular apps. Therefore, if your statistics exam requires two hours of study, you can disable Facebook and Instagram during that time and enable them again afterward.

5. Microsoft Bing

This application is ideal for you if you’re learning a foreign language. Outstanding online translator Microsoft Bing can translate between at least 60 different languages. The software uses the most recent neural machine translation technologies and is AI-powered.

6. TED

Downloading TED will satisfy your curiosity and broaden your knowledge if you spend your free time playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds. More than 3,000 movies across all topics are available on the app! There are subtitles available, and the speakers are superb.

7. Writance.com

It’s not a bad idea to have your papers reviewed by a professional before submitting them, is it? If you wish to verify your spelling or if you are unsure of your writing abilities, essay help website Writance.com where you can buy thesis papers is a useful resource. The app offers live chat, affordable costs, professional essay writers great delivery choices, and round-the-clock student online essay assistance.


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    8. RefMe

    RefMe, one of the most widely used citation tools globally, will assist you in making the most tedious task enjoyable. Using this program, select a source type before completing the online process to avoid plagiarism. It’s simple to do and will keep you from bothering other students.

    9. The Oxford Dictionary

    Download The Oxford Dictionary if you wish to improve your vocabulary or if you major in English. Along with improving your spelling, learning new, impressive words will help you score higher on papers by expanding your vocabulary.

    10. Venmo

    With the help of the financial software Venmo, you may quickly send money to your friends. It eliminates the trouble of having to carry cash. Take out your phone, select “Send money to (the friend who lent you money),” and you’re ready to go! The fact that Venmo is a free app is its best feature.

    Try the aforementioned apps and see whether they work for you for improved grades, no spelling mistakes, sending money swiftly, and many more amazing college needs.

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