4 Storage Tips to Keep Your Motorbike Safe

Safely storing your motorbike is essential all year round. Proper storage reduces wear and tear on the bike’s components and lowers the chances of theft. It also retains the full function of eh motorcycle for as long as possible, so you enjoy years of safe riding.

Below, we’re going to cover some top motorcycle storage tips to keep your bike as safe and secure as possible.

1. Invest in a great storage shed

Storing your bike outside can damage its mechanics, especially during winter. Leaving your bike on the road or on your driveway also increases the risk of opportunistic theft.

Motorcycle sheds provide you with a safe space to store your bike away from harsh weather conditions and thieves. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that fits perfectly onto your property.

Motorbike sheds are lockable and highly secure, so you can sleep well knowing that your bike is well-secured. If somebody does try to break into the shed, they’ll soon realize that they’re not going to get very far!

2. Cover the bike with a waterproof sheet

If you’re not able to get a secure motorbike shed and you have no other choice but to leave it parked on the road or driveway, you can cover it up instead. For this, you’ll need a full-coverage, waterproof sheet that you can secure around the bike.

You can get high-quality motorbike covers from specialized outdoor or biking shops. They will keep moisture out and will protect the paintwork on your bike from damage as people brush past it on the street.

3. Secure your bike with a padlock

Padlocks are a great way to secure your bike if it’s parked on the road or in your driveway. Alongside a great bike stand, it also keeps the bike in an upright, sturdy position, preventing it from falling over in harsh winds. It will also prevent people from accidentally (or purposefully) pushing the bike over as they’re walking past.

4. Overinflate the tires while you’re not using your bike

If you’re not using your motorbike for a while, pump up the tires to a higher pressure than usual. Over time, the tires will gradually leak air. Overinflating them will prolong the tires’ lifespan and prevent the inner components from getting worn and damaged.


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    Make sure to deflate your tires to the correct pressure before you take your bike out on the roads. For the ideal tire pressure range for your bike, check your riding manual, as this range differs based on the tire type

    Make a habit of checking the tires every month or so while your motorbike is in storage. This way, you can address any tire issues quickly, so you don’t need to worry about them when you eventually start riding again.

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