How to Write an Essay about Sports Culture Based on Riding a Bike

Of all the assignments students get in academia, essay writing is the most common. However, writing about sports culture based on riding a bike is unique.

How to Write an Essay about Sports Culture Based on Riding a Bike

And it requires an exclusive approach, networking with different people, experiencing different situations, and many more.

Of course, this might take you time, and you may even think of delegating such an assignment to some writing services while you work or do other tasks.

But suppose you are heavily into riding a bike, have potent aspirations to write a paper on your own, and possess some free time. In that case, you can compose a top-notch essay shortly.

Here are a few effective tips on how to do that.

Talk With Various Cyclists

The sports culture is diverse, and every type of sport has its peculiarities that only a certain number of people will understand. When writing a paper on sports culture, you want to fully mingle with cyclists and everything connected to riding a bike.

This will help you look at the entire culture from a different perspective and write an exclusive essay. To blend into the cycling environment, try these options:

  • In real-life: Suffice it to say, the best way to get the most information about cycling culture is to talk with cyclists and people who ride a bike in real life. Arrange a meeting in a local cafe and talk about their cycling journey.
  • Online: With the rapid pandemic outbreak, many people stay at home or aren’t available for various meetups. Find the right people and chat with them or use an audio or video option.

   Schedule Some Riding with Enthusiasts

The best way to learn more about sports culture is to live the moment, in our case, a riding session. This will give you insights into what movements professional cyclists and other riders do, how they might think, etc.

Depending on your city, you can team up with diverse riders. However, keep in mind that your physics and stamina are also important, especially when you schedule a meeting with an expert cyclist or a bike messenger.

Prepare For Different Riding Styles

Upon arranging a meeting, you must be ready to pedal hard if need be. Otherwise, you risk missing crucial points to include in your essay. And you will also slow down riders.


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    • Pedal fast while riding with professional cyclists: Of course, no one will pressure you to pedal as fast as you can. Still, try to pedal speedily to keep them on the right range.
    • Be agile when riding with messengers: Fixed gear is a prevalent bike among messengers. It is simple, firm, and allows you to take off rapidly and get to the right point quickly. When riding with messengers, ensure being attentive, as you will likely move between vehicles.
    • Savor the moment when riding with average bicycle enjoyers: If you prefer to ride slowly but steadily, bumping into average bike enjoyers is your go-to. Team up with them, listen carefully to their observations, observe yourself, remember notable things.

    Take Notes as You Pedal

    Jotting down critical thoughts is essential, as it helps bring a complete picture together. Also, taking notes prevents you from forgetting important takes.

    Needless to say that it is impossible and dangerous to take notes when pedaling. But what to do if they are vital for your forthcoming sports culture essay?

    Fortunately, we live in a fast-paced society where everything changes in the blink of an eye. Yesterday’s tape recorders were replaced by phone voice recording apps.

    Run an app before setting off and voice your observations or simply repeat your interviewee to make sure you got it recorded.

    Do Your Research

    Once you complete a riding session, you should research the area. Every academic essay must be backed up with credible sources, so your job here is to (A) explore the area of sports culture and learn essential information about it, and (B) find relevant sources that will suit the context of your paper.

    Think Carefully of a Thesis Statement

    Having a good thesis statement is imperative. It often comes at the end of the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement enumerates points or arguments that the entire essay will elaborate on. For example, if you write about riding a bike in the realm of sports culture and its contribution to it, your thesis might look like the following way:

    Riding a bike commits to a diversity of sports culture because it makes riders open-minded, cheerful, and harmonious with both road users and pedestrians.

    You can use various brainstorming techniques to develop stellar and thought-provoking ideas. Finally, when building a thesis statement, ensure making it insightful but neither general nor too precise.

    Follow the Structure

    Essays usually follow a standard structure, which includes an introduction, body part, and conclusion. A sports culture paper is no exception. When writing, make sure to indent your paragraphs to help readers identify where one thought ends and another begins.

    Cite Your Interviewees When Necessary

    Remember those talks with cyclists and other bike users you were encouraged to do? If you did them, it’s time to transcribe your interviews and find apt comments, quotes, and citations.

    Once you do that, contact your interviewees and get consent to use their speech and initials (provided you haven’t already done that). Also, upon writing an essay, show it first to your interlocutor (s) and seek their approval. Only after that can you submit it to your instructor.

    Edit Your Piece

    Editing is a crucial part of essay writing. It requires approaching the work from different angles. First off, check your grammar and punctuation.

    The paper must be crystal-clear grammatically and lexically speaking. Then move to the essay’s coherence and examine if the central part and conclusion correspond with the thesis statement.

    Ultimately, look at all your citations (both interviewee quotes and academic citations); they must be correct and pertain to a particular formatting style.

    Importantly, remember to add a transcript of your interview at the end of the essay.


    Writing a sports culture based on riding a bike isn’t a quick task. You have to search for specific people to ride with and record them, transcribe your recordings, come up with ideas, etc. However, if you are dedicated enough, you will manage to buckle down this assignment and produce an impeccable essay on sports culture.


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