Unusual Sports Activities Your Child Is Likely to Love

Numerous studies found that children who are more active perform better in school, have better attendance, better memory, and display better focus and overall behavior.

There are many options that youngsters are usually offered to do, such as swimming, basketball, and baseball, but let’s discover the benefits of some less common, but equally exciting kids’ sporting activities suggested by Alison Carter,  a play-based educator and one of the Kids Academy experts.


Badminton is a game that involves all major muscle groups of the body and boosts metabolism and stamina. The sport is very fast-paced and thus works for improving brain function and intuition.

It gives children an opportunity to learn how to stay alert, make decisions quickly and under pressure, and grow their confidence and trust in themselves.


Fencing helps children gain coordination, stamina, and balance as well as learn to strategize and trust their instincts. It is a polite sport with great emphasis on respect and honor.

It teaches participants not only how to outwit and outmaneuver the other player but to be gracious competitors and well-rounded people.


Yoga is a series of movements that promote coordination, motor skill development, and balance. In yoga sessions, children can learn self-soothing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, and body scan techniques.

It is also a wonderful way to relax and have fun for those who are struggling with difficult situations.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing has many benefits. It is an extremely energetic and fun activity and also a great way to build fitness, improve tunefulness and gain confidence.

Additionally,  ballroom dancing requires being partnered with another dancer,  which gives children the opportunity to improve their communication skills and strengthen their interpersonal relationships.


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    All of the kids sporting activities mentioned above offer children an opportunity to get active, improve their motor skills and coordination and allow them to interact with other children.

    If you are still thinking about which sport is best for your child, we hope this article can help you to make the final decision.


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