7 Great Activities to Help You Spend More Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is always highly rewarding for both your mental and physical health, but we understand that sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Relaxing indoors after a long day at work makes it hard to venture outside, especially if the weather isn’t great and you have your home comforts at hand.

However, there are some fantastic outdoor activities that will get you moving and inspire you to spend more time in out in nature – read on to discover seven of our all-time favorites!


If you’re looking for a new hobby that will get you out into nature, but you need to take things easy due to your fitness level or a previous injury, then hiking is a great choice. This low-impact activity is a fantastic way to build cardiovascular endurance and strength, and it gives you the opportunity to truly take in your surroundings.

What’s more, as long as you have a quality pair of hiking boots and clothing that is suitable for the weather, you can get out onto beginner-level trails without having to invest heavily in lots of equipment. When you go on your first hike, just remember to take enough water and a mobile with a long battery life, especially if you’re venturing out on your own.


Contrary to popular belief, golf is a sport for everyone, and one that is perfect for encouraging you to spend more time outdoors. You can get fit, make new friends in a vibrant community, and travel the length of the country to explore different courses.

Plus, getting started in golf is easy – while you do need some kit to get going, you can choose beginner-friendly items that can be found on a budget, and as you progress you can expand your collection of equipment to suit your needs. You can even buy your own golf cart and find parts from all the top brands to cover any servicing or maintenance needs!

Horseback Riding

For an exciting activity that’s suitable for all the family, why not try horseback riding? Not only is riding great exercise, but it also gives you the chance to join a community of like-minded people who find joy in the beauty of these majestic animals.

Horses are also fantastic healers, and time in the saddle is one of the best ways to boost your mental health. Studies have even shown horses to be beneficial for children with autism, so they offer a great opportunity for everyone to spend more time outdoors and develop strong connections with animals, even if some find other areas of life a little more challenging.


Water sports are a great way to spend time outdoors, and there’s a huge range of activities that you can choose from if you want to get out onto the lakes or the ocean.

Some of the most popular water sports include swimming, rowing and water polo, but sailing is one of our top picks. Sailing not only allows you to get involved in solo or team competitions, but it is also accessible for all the family, with many who participate in sailing being well over 60 years of age!


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    If you’re searching for an activity that you can work on consistently and see progress quickly, then taking up running might be the best decision you make this year.

    Running is fantastic for your cardiovascular health and comes with a multitude of other benefits. Plus, the better you become, the more you can get out of this fun activity. Whether you’re looking to explore more of your local area, or train for a marathon, there’s no end to the opportunities available to runners all over the world.


    Skiing is the perfect outdoor activity for those in colder climates, and with the US being home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges, skiing is one of the best ways to spend more time outdoors while appreciating some of the natural beauty that the globe has to offer. While it takes some time to learn how to ski, once you have this skill, you’ll be able to utilize it year after year.

    Wildlife Watching

    If you aren’t so sporty, or you want to find an activity that gives you the chance to relax and unwind in nature, then wildlife watching might be the perfect hobby to take up this year. Whether it’s birds or woodland animals, taking some time to sit and watch nature in action helps you to get outdoors and make the most of your free time.

    You can even take up lessons in birdwatching, so if you feel that you need some extra assistance before you buy some binoculars or field glasses, then there are experts on hand who are happy to help.

    Whatever activity you choose, you’ll never regret getting out into nature and appreciating everything that the great outdoors has to offer.

    From exciting sports like golfing and horseback riding, to more relaxing activities like wildlife watching, there’s plenty to do outside, even if you have a large family. Try some of these activities, and you’ll instantly notice both physical and mental health benefits that will make a huge difference to your lifestyle for years to come!

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