Tips For Securing Car and Bike Parking: Preventing Theft and Ensuring Safety

Did you know that a car is stolen every 12 minutes in Australia, and nearly 9000 motorcycles are stolen yearly? Vehicle theft is on the rise, and the best action you can take is preventive care. After all, protecting your car is easier than tracking it down when it’s gone.

Having secure parking is the first step to protecting your vehicle in high-traffic areas. Instead of parking your car/bike in any open town place, you can book a safe parking area online, rent or lease to keep your car safe when busy.

Below, we have compiled helpful tips for securing car and bike parking and reducing the overall theft risk. Check them out.

Lock The Doors Always and Carry Keys

It’s easy to forget to lock your vehicle’s doors when you park it. Vehicles with unlocked doors are the first targets of thieves, so you should observe this routine.

Also, remember to carry the keys with you after locking the doors. Your keys should always be out of sight, even when no one is around. Your spare keys should be in a secure area as well.

Install An Alarm

Alarms are theft deterrent systems you should invest in for your car or bike. The alarm produces an alerting sound whenever an unauthorized person touches your vehicle. Vehicle and bike alarms come in many types, and some have more advanced features, like mobile notification features.

Investing in a reliable alarm system is vital even when the bike/car has an original manufacturer alarm. You will get timely alerts, with minimal chances of car and bike parking theft.

A few security systems available for motorcycle owners include:

  • Flashing lights
  • Remote engine disconnect
  • Early warning system
  • Siren

Use A Cover

Using a cover is an excellent way to keep thieves off. The cover blocks thieves from realizing the type of vehicle or bike you have parked, so the car remains safe. The ideal vehicle/bike cover should be strong, durable, fade resistance, water-resistant, and secure seams. Compare the different options in the market to choose the most suitable cover for your vehicle or bike.

Hide Your Valuables

Laptops, wallets, handbags, and cellphones can attract thieves to steal your vehicle or motorbike. If you have such valuables in your car, avoid keeping them in an open place because they act as magnets for thieves.


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    The thieves may even consider taking the whole vehicle if you don’t have a good security system. Always hide your money and other costly valuables when parking your car.

    Park In A Secure Area

    You can protect your car or bike from potential theft by parking it in a secure place, especially at night. Don’t park your costly bike or car at a random dark, empty area because chances are thieves will quickly identify it and might steal it. A secure parking zone does not only protect the vehicle from thieves but also from weather-related damages.

    Be Cautious At Night

    Most crimes happen at night. Be extremely cautious when parking your bike or car at night, especially in a new place. Look around to ensure there are enough security lights and possibly CCTVs. Only park your vehicle in a well-lit area and lock it well.

    Use Wheel Clamps

    Wheel clamps are cheap and can bring you much-needed space regarding the security of your bike or car. Most clamps are easy to attach on wheels and require special removal tools. Besides, some are noisy during removal, meaning you can easily hear when an unauthorized person is trying to remove them.

    Install A GPS Tracker

    A GPS tracker is a great security measure if you live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. The tracker provides real-time details when someone tries to steal your bike or car.

    What to Do When Your Car or Bike Is Stolen At Parking

    Car/bike theft can still happen even when you are cautious. Your insurance company should cover the expenses and help you acquire a new one if you have insured it. However, you can do a few things to increase your chances of recovery. Here are some of them:

    Alert People

    You should report your stolen car as soon as you notice it’s missing. First, inform the nearest police and people close to you. Additionally, you can report the missing vehicle/bike on online platforms that help find stolen vehicles. Social media may be helpful as people can help in sharing information.

    Inform Your Insurer

    Hopefully, you have insurance that protects your car or bike against theft risk. Contact your insurance company as soon as you report to the police. The sooner you report, the sooner your insurance firms may help you get a new bike or car.

    Track It

    The police should help you track your lost bike if it has a tracker. Start tracking it as soon as possible to increase the chances of recovery.

    Wrapping Up

    Cars and bikes are valuable assets that you wouldn’t want to lose. Thankfully, there are many security measures that you can observe to keep your vehicle safe. Always prepare for the unexpected to keep your car safe and facilitate recovery if anything happens.

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