List of Best Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes For You To Review

When it comes to the best mountain bike, Santa Cruz Bikes are always at the top of the list. 

As there are too many bikes manufactured by this Santa brand, choosing one can be challenging.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll tell you about the best Santa Cruz mountain bikes that you can consider buying.

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1. Santa Cruz XC mountain bikes

Santa Cruz Highball

Santa Cruz Highball is designed to be an all-rounder. This means you can ride any type of mountain you want. This is a high-quality bike that’s the best for the serious rider. 

The bike can easily take on bumps and rough terrain like a champ thanks to its lightweight frame, fast-rolling wheels, and suspension system. Additionally, its geometry is optimised for climbing and descending efficiently.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Best for serious riders
  • The carbon frame has a lifetime warranty.


  • A dropper post is not included with the base setups because of their increased weight.

Santa Cruz Blur 

The Santa Cruz Blur bike is ideal for all the speed lovers out there who like riding on trails. With the help of its lightweight frame, quick-rolling wheels, and suspension system, it gives you great speed and the capability to ride over any terrain or obstacle. 

The geometry of the bike is designed to put you in a fast and efficient riding position, so you can make the most of your pedal power and glide through the singletrack with ease. 


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    • Provides great speed.
    • It’s quite durable.
    • Lightweight frame
    • Efficient


    • The Blur TR’s larger fork and more grippy tires might appeal to the rowdiest racers.
    • Can be expensive

    2. Santa Cruz trail mountain bikes 

    Santa Cruz Tallboy 

    The Santa Cruz Tallboy is a premium all-rounder mountain bike. Lightweight, quick-rolling wheels and an impressive suspension system make the Tallboy a versatile trail bike.

    The bike’s geometry balances efficiency and stability, making it a great option for both climbing and descending.

    Santa Cruz Tallboy CC Mountain Bike – 2020, Large 

    It is the younger brother of the Santa Cruz Tallboy CC mountain bike 2020. This new version is lighter and built with a high-quality material which makes it quite expensive.


    • Both bikes are lightweight.
    • Tallboy CC is made with high-quality components.
    • Great Terrain handling capability.


    • Pricey

    Santa Cruz 5010 

    Think of the 5010 as the Swiss Army Knife of mountain bikes—it’s versatile, efficient, and will get the job done no matter what. For riders who want a bike that can handle a variety of terrain, it’s a great option.

    Santa Cruz 5010 C S Mountain Bike – 2021, X-Large 

    A Santa Cruz 5010 is an upgraded version of a Santa Cruz 5010. It’s more lightweight, comes with better capability to handle the terrain, and provides you with great speed as well. However, since the bike is upgraded, this Santa Cruiz bike’s price is higher.


    • Both bikes are lightweight, but the 2021 modal is lighter.
    • Good for serious riders
    • Great for riding over terrains.


    • Expensive.
    • Fragility:

    Santa Cruz Hightower 

    When it comes to downhill riding, the Santa Cruz Hightower is the best choice. The Hightower features 135mm of rear suspension travel and 150mm of front suspension travel, providing a balanced and controlled ride. 

    This makes it ideal for descents, drops, and technical terrain. At high speeds, the long, slack geometry provides stability and control.


    Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon CC XX1 AXS Reserve Mountain Bike – 2020, X-Large 

    This is the upgraded version of the Santa Cruz Hightower carbon CC XX1 AXS Reserve mountain bike. It has 160mm of rear suspension travel and 150mm of front suspension travel, which is more than its predecessor. 

    It features a carbon fibre frame, an XX1 drivetrain, and an AXS electronic shifting system. The X-Large size accommodates riders with a larger stature.


    • The lightweight frame, but the CC XX1 is lighter.
    • Best for long distances.
    • Best for handling terrains.


    • Pricey.

    Santa Cruz Bronson

    The Santa Cruz Bronson is a powerful ride for serious mountain bikers. Its high-performance features and top-of-the-line construction make it a top choice for off-road enthusiasts. 

    It’s definitely worth taking a look at the Santa Cruz Bronson if you’re looking for a sweet set of wheels for any terrain.

    Santa Cruz Bronson CC Mountain Bike – 2020, Large

    The “CC” in the latter model stands for “Carbon C,”  meaning it is built with a higher-end carbon fibre material, making it lighter and stronger compared to the regular Santa Cruz Bronson, which may be made with a different type of material. 


    • Durable.
    • Best performance.
    • Powerful


    • Both are expensive but the new model is more expensive.


    3. Santa Cruz Jackal

    Santa Cruz’s Jackal bike is specifically designed for gnarly off-road adventures. It’s got a sweet frame and some rad components, so you can rip up the trails and get rad. 

    It can handle any obstacle, from technical singletrack to steep descents. The Jackal is a beast on the mountain and a blast to ride. 


    Santa Cruz Chameleon 

    The Santa Cruz Chameleon is another sweet ride from the Santa Cruz crew! This bike is a versatile beast, man! It’s got a killer suspension setup that lets you tackle all kinds of terrain, from smooth singletrack to rocky trails. 

    You can switch it up and ride it as a hardtail or with a full suspension, depending on what kind of adventure you’re after.


    Santa Cruz Chameleon C Mountain Bike – 2020, Large

    Santa Cruz Chameleon is the latest model of the Chameleon bike, which is named C. This bike is built with aluminium, which increases its durability more than its previous version, which is built with fibre. This bike is lighter and performs better and smoother than the previous version.


    • Great speed.
    • Great for long-distance riding.
    • Can easily handle terrains and other obstacles.


    • Can be expensive.
    • Santa Cruz Chameleon C Mountain might not look as stylish either due to the lack of high-end components.


    4. Santa Cruz enduro mountain bikes 

    Santa Cruz Megatower 

    The Santa Cruz Megatower is a gnarly long-travel mountain bike, bro! It’s built to conquer the toughest terrain and provide an epic ride experience. This bike is equipped with a hefty 160mm of suspension travel, making it a beast on the descent. 

    Not only is the Megatower a shredder on the downhills, but it’s also a capable climber. The bike’s efficient suspension design and good pedalling characteristics make it a solid choice for those who want to tackle big rides and long climbs.


    Santa Cruz Megatower CC Mountain Bike – 2020, Large 

    The Santa Cruz Megatower CC Mountain Bike is the top-of-the-line version of the Megatower, offering the best in performance and style. 

    This bike is equipped with a carbon fibre frame, which provides a lightweight and responsive ride compared to the aluminium frame of the standard Megatower.


    • Both are 160mm of suspension travel.
    • Good pedalling characteristics
    • CC modal is great for climbing and downhill as well.


    • Pricey


    Santa Cruz Nomad 

    The Santa Cruz bike is the best for all those riders who like jumping, doing stunts, and going downhill. Because it features 170 mm of travel, it makes jumping and dropping quite forgiving. 

    One of the standout features of the Nomad is its VPP (virtual pivot point) suspension system. This system provides a level of responsiveness and efficiency that sets it apart from other bikes in its class.

    Santa Cruz Nomad CC X01 Mountain Bike – 2021, X-Large 

    The Santa Cruz Nomad CC X01 is a higher-end model of the Nomad, and it comes with 170mm of rear suspension travel and 170mm of front suspension travel. A major difference is the frame material. 

    CC (carbon composite) carbon fibre used in the Nomad CC X01 is stronger and lighter than the carbon fibre used in the standard Nomad. A stunt bike like this is perfect for riders who want to do jumps and stunts.


    • Both bikes are lightweight but Nomad CC is lighter.
    • Both bikes provide a good grip on the road.
    • Great terrain handling capabilities.


    • Both bikes can be expensive.

    5. Santa Cruz downhill mountain bikes 

    Santa Cruz V10 

    The Santa Cruz V10 is a legendary downhill mountain bike, widely regarded as one of the best bikes for this style of riding. With its excellent suspension, frame, and geometry, the V10 is designed to take on the most demanding terrain with ease. 

    Another highlight of the V10 is its geometry. The bike has a slack head angle, a long front centre, and a low bottom bracket, making it stable and confident at high speeds.


    Santa Cruz V10 CC Downhill Mountain Bike – 2018, Large 

    Santa Cruz’s V10 CC downhill mountain bike is the new version. A carbon fibre frame is one of the most notable upgrades. 

    This not only reduces the overall weight of the bike but also provides excellent strength and stiffness, allowing for greater control and precision during aggressive riding.


    • Both bikes are the best for downhill.
    • V10 CC model is lighter 
    • V10 has a well-balanced geometry 


    • Santa Cruz V10 CC is very expensive.
    • V10 is heavier.

    6. Santa Cruz e-bikes 

    Santa Cruz Heckler 

    The Heckler is known for its playful and nimble handling, making it easy to toss around on the trails and have a blast. And with its durable construction and solid components, this bike can hold up to the toughest of rides. In other words, it’s built to handle some serious abuse.

    The bike features 160mm front and 150mm rear suspensions, which give you great speed, good grip, and good terrain handling capability.


    Santa Cruz Heckler CC S Mountain E-Bike – 2020, Medium 


    • Cruz Heckler’s CC S model is quite lightweight.
    • Cruz Heckler is versatile.


    • Santa Cruz Heckler CC S can be very expensive.
    • Cruz’s heckler can be a little heavier.

    7. Santa Cruz Bullit 

    With 170mm of travel, 170mm of rear suspension, and a burly frame, the Bullit is a straight-up shred machine. Whether you’re riding down steep descents or launching off big jumps, this bike will give you the confidence you need. 

    Santa Cruz Bullit R Carbon CC MX Mountain E-Bike – 2021, X-Large 

    Sure, the Santa Cruz Bullit R Carbon CC MX Mountain E-Bike (2021, X-Large) is a more advanced version of the traditional Santa Cruz Bullit mountain bike. 

    This e-bike version comes with an electric motor that provides extra power when you need it, making it easier to tackle steep climbs and technical sections of the trail.


    • Built Provides high performance on trails, terrains, and jumps.
    • Santa Cruz Bullit R CC is quite lightweight.


    • Bullitt can be heavier.
    • Built R CC is pricey.

    8. Santa Cruz gravel bikes

    Santa Cruz Stigmata

    Santa Cruz Stigmata is a high-performance cyclocross bike designed for riders who want the best of both worlds: speed and handling in any condition. 

    It’s a versatile machine that’s built for speed, handling, and durability. The bike is the best to tackle a variety of terrain, with a geometry that provides stability and control even in the muddiest of conditions. The frame is also compatible with both 700c and 650b wheels.

    Santa Cruz Stigmata CC Rival Gravel Bike – 2020, 58cm 

    The Santa Cruz Stigmata CC Rival Gravel Bike is a specific model of Santa Cruz’s Stigmata line of gravel bikes, released in 2020, with a size of 58 cm. It is built with a carbon fibre frame and an SRAM Rival 1×11 drivetrain. 

    This model differs from other models in the Santa Cruz Stigmata line based on its specifications, such as its frame material, drivetrain, and components. It’s built with high-end components, which is why it’s so expensive.


    • The Santa Cruz stigmata can be cheaper.
    • Stigmata CC rival has more features and it’s built with high-end components. 
    • CC rivel provides a higher performance on jumps, trails, and other obstacles.
    • CC is lightweight as well.


    • Santa Cruz Stigmata has fewer features.
    • CC rivals can be pricey.


    Now you know about the best Santa Cruz mountain bikes that you can get your eyes on, including their pros and cons. That’s all I had for you in this article. If you have any more questions related to the topic, hit the comment section below.

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