Road Bike Size Chart – How Big a Bike Should You Get?

With the ability to order whatever you want online, your options, for whatever it is that you want, skyrocket. If you want that bicycle in pink and your local store doesn’t have it, you can just pop a URL into your browser and get yourself a pink one.

If you want something a little more exotic, you will probably be able to find it. Although this goes with all kinds of items, when it comes to buying a bicycle online, you may run into a few issues, the main one being what size you should be looking at. You don’t want to order a bicycle online, just to realize once it arrives that you bought a child’s size.

Well, if you are stumped on how big of a bike you should order, you have come to just the right place. ?

Road Bike Size Chart – How Big a Bike Should You Get?

Different Manufacturers

Before you just go ahead and look at the size chart without context, there are a couple things you need to know. The first being that sizes can differ according to manufacturers and the style of the bike that you are looking for.

Road Bike

In order to understand what you need, you may want to have a bit of an idea of what you actually want first. But if you aren’t too fussy in this regard, the general sizing should help you out.

What Determines a Road Bike’s Size?

Road bikes are usually sized according to the seat tube which runs from the front chain ring to the seat. The measurement is mostly shown in centimeters, but that’s not to say that you can’t find size charts in inches. If you want to understand size charts a little better and usually work in inches, you may want to learn a little about centimeters first.

So How Do I Know Which Size is Right For Me?

The way that people determine which size bicycle is best for them is they measure their own height and then find that height within the size chart.

bianchi road bike mounted on the wall

Sometimes you will notice that a height has the option of choosing between two different bike sizes. If you prefer something a little bigger than average, go for the bigger one. The thing is that choosing between two really comes down to personal preference.


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    If you have no experience in choosing, it is best to go with the smaller option, as you are more likely to find this option easier to ride and it will be more likely that you will be able to reach the floor with your feet.

    Test a Bicycle Out First

    The best thing to do before you just go ahead and buy your bicycle online, is to go to your local bike shop and test out a few different bikes.

    This way, you will get a better understanding of the specifics that you are looking for and what feels most comfortable to you. It also gives you a chance to speak to a professional and learn a little more about what bike you should be looking for.

    cyclist riding his bike

    When you are trying out a bike, try to think about how it is affecting your body. And once you have ridden it, give it a day or two to see if your body reacts in any negative ways (sore back, neck, etc). If your body feels fine, the bike is probably okay for you to ride and the size you tested and felt most comfortable on is what you should be going for.

    Our Size Chart for Bike Size

    Take a look at the size chart that we have set up for you below. This is generally what people use when deciding what size bike they need and should help you with your decision.

    road bike size chart


    What if the Bike I Bought is the Wrong Size?

    Replace the Bike

    If you have already bought a bike and you see that it is the wrong size when it arrives, there are a few things that you can still do to try and rectify this. The first, and best option, is to speak to the company where you bought the bike from and see if you are able to replace it with a bigger version.

    If you are nice enough, they are usually happy to do this for you, since the costs often don’t change for a different size of the same model. You may have to pay the shipping fees, but this is a small price to pay if you will be riding the bike a lot.

    Adjust the Saddle

    The second option you have is to adjust the saddle backwards or forwards. Some bikes come with this option and it can be quite helpful if you find that the length of the bike feels a bit off to you.

    Adjusting a Bike Saddle

    Not all bikes are able to do this, but even if you have the right size bike, this can finetune it to the perfect fit. If your bike doesn’t have this option, you can also try buying a longer seat post, as this will allow you to sit higher should the bike be too short for you.

    Change the Stem

    The last option you have is to buy a longer or shorter stem. The stem is the part of the bicycle that connects the handlebars to the steering tube. Buying a longer or shorter stem might just put you in a position that makes the bike feel comfortable again.

    Final Words on Choosing Bike Size

    With all the different size options out there, you can find a road bike for pretty much anyone. If you are new to the sport and aren’t sure which size to choose, take a trip to your local bike store or just look at your size on the chart and try your best to pick accordingly.

    If you take all the right steps in choosing your bike, you are bound to end up with the right size and a road bike that you will love. So just take the leap and you will be riding in no time.

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