The Procedure For Renewing Your North Carolina Driver’s License

Getting a driver’s license in North Carolina is more rigorous than in most other states. You may experience undue stress when it’s time to renew your North Carolina driver’s license.

It’s understandable if you’d rather avoid a trip to the DMV, but putting off your license renewal could have unforeseen consequences. Remember, you probably want to avoid a big fine and jail time at all costs.

If you want to keep driving in North Carolina, you’ll need to renew your license every few years. Thankfully, drivers in North Carolina receive reminders from the DMV when it’s time to renew their licenses.

A renewal reminder card will be mailed to you; however, you can renew your license anytime. What documents are needed for the renewal? What does the process entail? And is there a grace period for expired tags in NC (North Carolina? Keep reading to find out the solutions to your pressing matters.

Must-Have Documentation

If you need to renew your license but don’t have it on you, you’ll need to provide two forms of ID. You must enter both your full name and birthdate on the applications.

Moreover, if your Social Security number is not on file with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, you will need to provide it. One of these may serve as proof that your Social Security number is legitimate.

License Renewal| What Does It Entail?

To keep driving legally in North Carolina, drivers must renew their licenses every two years. Depending on your age at the issuance time, your license’s validity period may differ. A North Carolina driver’s license must be renewed no later than six months before it expires. Your driver’s license expiration date is shown on the front of your card, to the right of your birth date (or DOB).

The North Carolina DMV will mail you a reminder card 60 days before your license’s expiration. However, note that if your address has changed since you originally got your license, you will not receive the reminder letter in the mail. You also have 180 days to complete the renewal process before your license expires.

Driver’s licenses in North Carolina can be renewed in person, by mail, or via the Internet. No matter what method you choose, renewing your license will take at least 20 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to renew a driver’s license in North Carolina?

After renewing your license, you will be issued a temporary license valid for sixty days. Within 20 days, you will likely have your new license in hand if the license hasn’t arrived after 20 days.


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    To what extent can I view the status of my North Carolina driver’s license online?

    The DMV’s website allows you to check your driver’s license status.

    Is there an extended window for renewing a North Carolina driver’s license?

    There is a grace period of 180 days after the license’s expiration date, during which it can be renewed. If you are between 18 and 65, your license is valid for an additional eight years after renewal. The licenses of North Carolina drivers aged 66 and older are renewed for the next five years.

    What section of a North Carolina driver’s license has the identification number?

    The ID number, which may be eight or ten digits in length, is located in the card’s lower right-hand corner if it is a permit rather than a driver’s license.

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