Top 5 Recumbent Bike Benefits

Recumbent bikes are one of the hottest crazes in modern fitness today.

Top 5 Recumbent Bike Benefits

If you haven’t hopped onto one yet, recumbent bikes are simply bikes where the rider sits at a reclined position, instead of the standard upright position required by ordinary bikes.

While the world of recumbent bikes is diverse, the reclined seating position remains consistent. The main selling point of recumbent bikes is that they spread out the rider’s weight across a wider surface area of the bike, reducing the stresses we generally associate with riding traditional bikes.

Guest author Michelle Thomas takes a closer look at what makes recumbent bikes distinct and better from the usual fitness bikes that are present in the market. She lists out the top five benefits for recumbent bikes below. Learn more about Michelle Thomas.

1. Recumbent Bikes Are Completely Ergonomic

The main reason for the existence of recumbent bikes is to reduce the strain of riding standard bikes.

Even highly experienced riders are familiar with the aches and pains that come with riding bikes. These pains can be quite the cross to bear for newer riders or those who want to get back into biking after a long dormant period.

Recumbent bikes are designed to be completely ergonomic. What this means in real-world terms is that you will feel a lot less weight on your body while riding recumbent bikes.

The upright seating position of standard bikes puts a lot of weight on your hands, which explains how sore your hands get after an intense biking session. This stress is lessened in recumbent bikes because no weight is coming down on your hands.

Because recumbent bikes’ handlebars are generally placed farther away from the rider, you do not feel your weight pushing into the handlebars, lessening the pain you feel after your ride.

2. Pains Are Reduced

We all know that biking to work or to errands is a much healthier way of commuting instead of taking a car or public transport. But because standard bikes can be so painful to newer or older riders, a lot of people beg off from purchasing a bike.


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    Recumbent bikes remove this pain point by making you lean backward on your bike seat instead of leaning forward as you would in a traditional bike.

    The increased distance between your core and the handlebars decreases the strain on your bones, muscles, and nerves, allowing you to just focus on your riding.  The reduction of pain points helps bring about a smoother customer experience.

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    3. Recumbent Bikes Are Faster

    This might seem counter-intuitive given how “relaxed” recumbent bikes look, but they can actually go faster, on average, than traditional bikes.

    The extra speed can be attributed to the reclined seating position, which decreases the amount of drag you get from the wind as you ride.

    Because you have a lower height on a recumbent bike compared to a traditional bike, you will face much less resistance from the wind, allowing you to reach higher speeds.

    4. Inclusiveness

    Recumbent bikes are also at an advantage when it comes to catering to more types of people. Traditional bikes require riders to be of a certain size and shape to function effectively.

    If you are physically disabled in any way, traditional bikes can be impossible to ride.

    Recumbent bikes have a much freer design and can fit a wider variety of body types. Even those without the use of their legs can use a recumbent bike, as long as it comes with a hand crank function that can’t be found in average bikes.

    5. Recumbent Bikes Are Safer

    While traditional bikes are much more visible on the road given the greater height of its riders, recumbent bikes are generally safer to ride on average.

    For one, recumbent bikes are more stable, making it harder to slip on tight turns or go overboard after a mistimed brake.

    Of course, recumbent bikes benefit from open roads where it is easy to spot oncoming vehicles from far away. On city roads, you will have to rely on your mirrors a lot, and enact defensive driving to offset the chance that car drivers don’t see you.


    If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a recumbent bike, then by all means use a regular bike and get some exercise in. If you have the cash, then do consider a recumbent bike.


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