Recent Trends in Bicycle Design

Bicycling for leisure, hobby, and health has led manufacturers to focus on upgrading all different sections of bikes and their design. For the upcoming year, many bike trends are focused on technology and what it can bring to cyclists.

Due to the uptick in bike popularity during the summer months of 2019 many companies, indie and name brands alike, are putting their cash towards helpful tech. The anti-theft GPs unit, for one, is a great way to combat bike theft.

Smart helmets are on the rise with their hands-free speakers, intercom, and turning signal features and they create a much safer ride for cyclists both on and off the road.

Evolving Bicycle Hybrids

For the past few years, bicycle manufacturers have expanded their horizons by creating bikes that are great for gravel, long-distance, and/or roads. In 2020 the combination of race bikes and trail bikes, the Specialized Epic EVO bicycle, for example, took over the market.

These hybrid bicycle designs aren’t going anywhere soon. More combinations of specific designs are most likely going to be combined in order to appease cyclists that want a single bicycle to handle different types of terrain.

Creating these types of bicycles may erase the popularity of specific trail or race bike designs.

Gravel Biking Is Now on the Rise

Gravel biking saw a rise in popularity last year as well. This ascension in prevalence among cyclists new and old can be attributed to the pandemic and eco-conscious riders. Gravel biking allows for adventure anywhere.

From mountains to the beach to the road, gravel biking gave people trapped indoors a way to explore without putting themselves at high risk of exposure. Now, with the trend continuing to grow, titanium in bikes is becoming a common design feature.

This should not come as a surprise as titanium is one of the most durable metals available, according to TMS Titanium. This is also why fifteen percent of small or indie bike manufactures are going to push funds towards titanium gravel biking in order to keep up with the market’s needs.

Upgraded Bike Tires

The SMART tire company and NASA worked together to create a stronger tire for the Mars rover in order to handle the planet’s rough terrain. Now, the titanium-strength tires are set to be available for cyclists next year.


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    What makes these tires stronger and durable than any other is their use of a new compound called NiTinol+. These tires could replace all bike tires once they’re released to the cycling community. Not only are they strong and elastic they maintain shape without going flat over time.

    Bicycling is a hobby that many people turned to in the wake of the pandemic, but it has always been a hobby that grows throughout the years. Innovation in e-bike technology, frame suspension, and titanium in bikes will continue to enter the market as the year ends.

    With more people becoming eco-conscious and riders wanting a bike with dual-use market experts have their eyes on innovation-focused bike manufacturers. As well, the pandemic has brought many new riders to the sport causing a strain on availability.


    Manufacturers will be pushing out more bikes in order to meet the demands of their new consumers as well as providing quality bikes to long-time customers.


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