7 Convincing Reasons You Should Get Your Kid a Toddler Car

Looking to ditch the usual gifts and get something different for your kid?

7 Convincing Reasons You Should Get Your Kid a Toddler Car

It doesn’t get better than a toddler car! Not only will your kid love whizzing around the house in their own little vehicle, but they will also get to learn so many skills.

Before we dive in to discuss the amazing benefits of toddler cars for your child’s growth and development, let’s learn the difference between electric and non-electric options so you can make a well-informed decision.

Types of Ride-On Cars

Ranging from electric to non-electric options, 24-volt ride-on cars allow your kids to cruise around the garden and neighborhood in style.

Electric Ride-On Cars

Typically found in 12 v and 24 v models, these cars are designed to give your kids a realistic road-on experience. Thanks to the electric motor, the little ones can steer the 24 volt ride on vehicle around the play area without much effort.

Non-Electric Ride-On Cars

These vehicles are more suited for toddlers. They usually come with a detachable handle, so you can easily push your kids around.

Top 7 Benefits of Toddler Cars

Here’s how ride-on cars promote the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of toddlers.

1. Improve Motor Skills

Kids acquire fine and gross motor skills during the early stages of childhood. Ride-on cars speed up the development process by increasing a child’s awareness of the surrounding, developing hand-eye coordination, improving reaction time, and promoting dexterity in both hands.

By pushing and pulling a toddler car around and learning to use the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator pedals during the early development period, kids later find it easier to hold a pencil and use scissors.

2. Promote Physical Strength

Modern-day kids prefer staying at home playing with digital devices instead of going outdoors. It’s crucial to get them to engage in physical activity and exercise in one way or another.


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    The best way to go about this is by getting them a pedal-powered toddler car. The vehicle won’t move until they move their legs. Moreover, they’ll have to use their arms and hands to steer the wheel. This will help build their muscles and keep them active.

    Amidst all the fun and excitement, they won’t feel like they’re exercising. It’s a win-win!

    3. Boost Spatial Intelligence

    A toddler car also improves a kid’s spatial intelligence or visual thinking. They learn how to stop, slow down, or turn when they spot a barricade or bump. A study revealed that children with high spatial intelligence have a greater chance of succeeding in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology.

    So, parents, it’s time to get creative and create an exciting course or put up obstacles in the play area for your kids!

    4. Teach Kids to Follow Instructions

    After getting your kid a toddler car, you’ll serve as their first driving coach. They’ll look up to you for instructions on how to use the vehicle. From “Go”, “Turn left”, and “Stop” to “Put on your seat belt” and “Hit the brakes”, different instructions will help make their ride enjoyable.

    If they face a problem after ignoring your instructions, they’ll understand how important it is to follow the rules.
    After teaching the basic rules, you can take things up a notch and talk about traffic lights. You can even pretend to be a traffic officer, ready to catch your kid if they don’t obey the lights.

    5. Unleash the Power of Creativity and Imagination

    A child’s brain is super receptive. Whatever you water will grow. One of the biggest benefits of toddler cars is that they help develop your kid’s problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

    Your child can indulge in pretend play by finishing first in a race, driving to the beach, stopping at multiple shops, or visiting a friend in the neighborhood. The taste of real-life circumstances will ignite their creativity, encouraging them to explore their surroundings and think outside the box.

    6. Build Confidence

    Ride-on cars can encourage kids to take on new challenges and experience the joy of learning new things. As your child’s first coach, you’ll act as the cheerleader who roots and looks out for them while they enjoy their ride.

    By putting your trust in your kid, you’ll give them the avenue to be confident and build self-trust. Eventually, as they learn how to make difficult turns and overcome bumps, they’ll get a self-esteem boost.

    7. Nurture Emotional and Social Skills

    A toddler car will get your little one outdoors and socializing with other kids in the neighbourhood. In between embracing different roles during pretend play and sharing the vehicles with friends, your kid will develop essential social and emotional skills.

    Every day, they can choose a different identity and learn to live their dreams, which will foster happiness and excitement. As a result, they’ll have positive interactions with other kids and pass on the happiness to others.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Who Can Ride a Toddler Car?

    A toddle car is suited for kids from 12 months or older. Ideally, you should wait until your little one is 16 or 18 months old to ensure they can enjoy their first vehicle to the fullest.

    Q2. Are Ride-On Cars Safe?

    Ride-on cars are 100% safe for kids. As a parent, it’s important to follow all the safety instructions and explain them to your kids as well.

    Here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a safe and pleasant riding experience for your little ones.
    · Consider your kid’s height and weight when choosing the right size of the toddler car.
    · Make sure the play area is safe for them to drive the vehicle around. Remove all objects that can make them fall.
    · Show your child how to ride the car and explain the instructions and rules clearly.
    · Don’t leave your kid unattended while they’re riding the vehicle.

    Final Thoughts

    As parents, you’re responsible for providing your children with stimulating learning environments. A toddler car is an excellent gift and a long-term investment that keeps on giving throughout the early development years of your kid without compromising on the fun element.

    Just make sure you look for the highest quality toddler cars that are tried and tested for safe use.


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