Reasons Why Professional Buyers Beat Junkyards When Paying For Your Old RV

Eventually, all RVs will hit the category of junk. Whether from a decade or two of adventures as the odometer spins or an unexpected and unfortunate costly repair, the day will come when your trusty rig isn’t so trusty anymore.

Your first thought may be to sell it for its worth in scrap metal and components to the nearest junkyard, but is this the easiest and most profitable solution? Frankly, there’s a better way to profit from your junk RV.

Reasons Why A Junk RV Dealer Is Better Than A Junkyard

While it is possible to sell a junk RV by traditional methods such as posting to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, it could prove to be a fruitless endeavor.

If you’re lucky enough to find interested buyers, you’ll then have to vet them, meet them, and persuade them to purchase something that most would call junk. And if it’s junk, the junkyard seems like the best place to take it, right? Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can get cash for junk RVs in Florida quicker and easier by selling them to a specialized dealer who only purchases unwanted and difficult-to-sell rigs. If you are not convinced, here are some other reasons why a junk RV dealer is the best way to sell your unusable rig:

Free Towing Service

If your junk RV isn’t roadworthy, selling it to a junkyard could present a problem. Many will charge you to come and tow it away if they even offer that service at all. The junkyard is in the power position, and they’ll certainly survive without buying your junk rig.

Junk RV dealers come directly to where your rig is and tow it away as a part of their service. There’s no additional cost for removing an unusable RV from your property. So, whatever pennies they’re going to offer you for your RV, you’ll have to deduct their towing costs.

They’ll Handle All The Paperwork

Whether you have the rig’s pink slip and it’s a simple sale, or it has a salvage or rebuilt title, a junk RV has the experience to handle all of the paperwork. Junk RV owners won’t have to worry about filling out something incorrectly.

Top Dollar Payment

Junkyards see the value in a junk RV in two ways. First, they see the value in the rig’s weight in harvestable metals that the yard can resell. Second, they’ll strip off anything that they can sell to current RV owners as replacement parts. However, junkyards typically pay bottom-shelf prices for wrecked RVs.

A junk RV dealer won’t exploit the fact that you no longer want or can’t afford to fix your rig. They pay significantly more than junk and scrap yards and won’t pressure you to hand over your RV for pennies on the dollar.


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    No Hidden Fees

    When selling to a junk RV dealer, there aren’t any surprises. Simply call them directly or fill out some information online, and you’ll be given a quote for your rig. Once you accept their offer, that’s the amount of cash they’ll place in your hand when their towing team comes to haul away your wreck. There are no hidden fees at all.

    Straightforward and Transparent Selling Process

    Selling your unwanted or unusable RV to a junk RV dealer is a seamless transaction, all of which can be done from your home. From getting a price quote to handing over the keys and accepting payment, they’ll handle all the tough stuff. Selling a difficult-to-sell RV couldn’t be any easier.

    The Bottom Line: Ditch The Junkyard and Sell Your Junk RV To a Specialized Dealer

    Let’s face it. Junkyards aren’t ever in the good parts of a town or city. Typically located in remote areas or in sketchy neighborhoods, visiting one to sell your junk RV could feel like the beginning scenes of an apocalyptic horror Hollywood film. All that nervousness and feeling uncomfortable to get a lowball offer for your junk RV isn’t worth it.

    Sell your unwanted, wrecked, or otherwise unusable RV to a specialized dealer. They’ll pay much more than a junkyard will for your rig and will come to you and tow it away as a part of the deal. It’s the hassle-free way to sell a wrecked rig.

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