10 Reasons to Get a Bike in College

Bikes are great; there is no argument about that. They are a flexible, cheap, and green way of transportation. That’s why cycling has become more popular all over the globe. It is also often associated with college life and students.

The reason is simple – it makes a lot of sense for students to get a bike rather than a car. Why? Here are the main benefits of getting a bike in college.

It Saves Money

A bike can save you a lot of money because you do not pay for gas; you simply do not need it. The maintenance is much cheaper and easier. Working with students as an argumentative essay writer, Bianca Ward agrees that there is no need to pay forAnd there is no need to pay for premium insurance, checks, and parking lots. Buying a bike is also dramatically cheaper than getting a car.

Money is often a problem for students. College is expensive in itself, but then you get accommodation, food, and necessities to pay for. If there is a chance to save something up, students will usually go for it. It is called smart financial management.

Those extra funds can go to other important things. For example, buying textbooks, paying a part of a student loan, or buying more fruits and vegetables. It can also help you to be more successful with your curriculum.

It is not a secret that students are often struggling with the number of written assignments and their complexity. All those essays, case studies, research papers, and term papers can have a toll on a person. Can I have someone write my paper for me? Sure. With the money you saved on the car, you can get professional assistance from an academic writing platform.

Experts can help with writing, proofreading, and editing any type of college paper. Whether you are not confident in your skills, need a piece of advice, or just lack time to do it – experienced writers will help in no time. And choosing a budget-friendly bike will make this dream a reality.

It is Good for Health

An energizing ride is a great cardio exercise. Even 20 minutes a day is enough for daily exercise, so you can spend less time in a gym. Or even replace the gym with it and stay in shape. Here are the main health benefits of it:

  • Boosts bowels and digestion;
  • Accelerates breathing and heart rate, which helps intestinal muscles;
  • Keeps cardiovascular system healthy;
  • Increases brain power by building new brain cells in the hippocampus;
  • Boosts immune system;
  • Promotes longer life.

Also, some studies show that cycling is great for keeping cells working correctly to lower the risk of cancer. It allows staying fit or even losing weight without extra effort. So you won’t be bothered by health conditions thanks to the active lifestyle.

It is Great for the Environment

This one is a no-brainer. Compared to cars, it is a green way of transportation. There is no harmful trace from fuel, and twenty bikes can be parked instead of one car. The production of one bike takes only 5 percent of the materials and energy it takes to make a car.


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    Overall, it is much better for the environment in all ways.

    You’ll be In Time

    Cycling is much faster than walking. As for the cars, there are speed limits. And there is also traffic, which doesn’t apply to cycling. There is no risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam for a couple of hours.

    The best part is that you control the speed of it; there are no limits except your stamina. If you need to get in class faster, just take a more energized ride. When you have more time, there is no need to rush, and the trip can be more relaxing. In any case, you are not dependent on any outside obstacles. You are in control, so you can always be on time wherever you need to go.

    It Helps with Mental Health

    Students have to deal with lots of stress and anxiety. Such things as academic burnout and depression are not rare because of that. Riding a bike is a great way to release endorphins and reduce stress as well.

    It helps as an exercise, of course. And it is also quite relaxing. One can go for a ride, breathe fresh air, and get their head cleared from all the stressful thoughts. It helps to be closer to nature, which is also incredibly useful for mental well-being.

    Not only can it be a perfect transportation option but also a healthy hobby.

    two ladies riding a bike by the sea

    It Eliminates Parking Hustle

    Everyone knows that parking is painful. Colleges have limited parking spots, so one might have to drive around for long or have to pay for it. But there are plenty of spaces to park your bike. They take less space, and college campuses usually endorse their usage by giving more space.

    All one needs to have is a good lock, and that’s it.

    It Gets Books Off Your Shoulders

    There is no need to walk around with a huge backpack. One can put all the necessary books on a rack or in the basket, and that’s it. It is easy to go for groceries or a picnic. There is plenty of space to take all the essentials with you.

    It Is a Social Thing

    People that are into cycling always have something to talk about. One can make new friends and acquaintances this way, something that is much harder when riding a car.

    Also, people can travel locally or go outdoors on bikes together, which is a great way to spend time with someone. Whether it is your friend or relative, this can be a perfect bonding experience.

    It Keeps You Away from Pollution

    Imperial College London conducted a study on pollution that cyclists, passengers, and pedestrians experience while traveling. The results show that pedestrians and cyclists experience substantially less pollution than passengers in cars or buses.

    So one can stay healthier and reduce the number of particles that can settle in their lungs. This is a huge benefit for anyone as pollution is extremely harmful to health.

    It Allows Exploring the City

    This one is especially amazing for those who moved to a new place for college. Riding a bike is a perfect opportunity to explore the campus and the new place of living. You get to learn about the new roads and also admire nature and architecture.

    It is so easy to go for a ride without worrying about gas or mileage. One can explore neighboring towns or parks, go to a beach or the forest. Sometimes it is not only fun but also helpful in getting a creative breakthrough via exercising and focusing on something other than the task.

    In Summary

    You cannot go wrong by choosing a bike. It is a cost-efficient vehicle that will save you lots of money compared to having a car. It is great for the environment and helps cyclists experience less air pollution while riding.

    It is extremely useful for both physical and mental health. You can get the daily norm of exercising simply by riding to the campus. And it is a healthy addiction with no downsides as you stay in shape, get endorphins, and train your heart.


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