5 Reasons to Buy a Massage Gun

When it comes to post-workout recovery or mood improvement, many people rely on massage guns as a helpful tool. These vibration machines penetrate your outer layer of tissue to deliver a convenient massage on command. However, there are multiple reasons people purchase massage guns.

There are many different personal needs, and so there are also many different types of massage guns. They vary in price, features, and overall look and feel. However, the goal is always the same: to make it easy for you to give yourself a convenient, yet effective massage on demand.

Most people tend to opt for a massage gun in the middle price range. This is always a good choice because you can stay within your budget AND get a reliable massage gun.

After all, you want to make sure your massage gun is built to last. Here is a list of the best mid-range massage guns from Lifepro. Whether you get a Sonic Plus, FusionFX, or any other Lifepro brand – your purchase is backed with an unparalleled satisfaction guarantee.

If you are on the fence about purchasing a massage gun, this article is for you. We are going to deep dive into five major reasons people purchase massage guns.

Perhaps you’re an athlete, or you’re just looking for an easy way to give yourself a massage at home. After you read this article, you’ll know exactly if a massage gun makes sense for you to purchase.

It’s Not Just for Muscle Recovery

Many people tout massage guns as effective tools for working through injuries. While that is very much correct, they have a whole host of other purposes. From mental health and improved workouts to cost savings, there is a multitude of reasons to consider a massage gun.

This is why so many people have invested in a massage gun over the last several years. They are very useful and diverse in their applications, plus they’re affordable and convenient. If you can take advantage of just one of the benefits listed in this article, a massage gun would be an excellent purchase for you.

It Can Help You Perform Better in Your Workouts

One popular benefit of massage guns is that, with their compact size, you can take them wherever you want. Many athletes even use them before and after a workout. After all, adding a massage gun to your workout routine can help you get more out of your workout without adding any extra reps or miles.

When you’re warming up, the massage gun loosens and can even activate your muscles prior to a workout, making it easier for you to go all out from the get-go.


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    You can even use a massage gun between sets! When you do this, you accelerate your recovery between sets, loosen up your muscles, and make it even easier to go hard on that next set!

    If you stretch between sets, you may want to try using a massage gun instead. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

    It’s More Intense Than Foam Rolling or Massage Therapy

    When do you use a massage gun? Odds are it can supplement or even replace many of your stretching or current massage routines. Massage guns can be more intense than foam rolling or even massage therapy.

    Foam rollers, for example, are simply not very intense at all. In effect, the intensity of the massage is limited because you are going off your own motion.

    However, with a massage gun, you can control both your intensity settings AND choose a massage head that fits the body part you want to massage. This means the massage gun is working FOR you to deliver just the right intensity of the massage.

    In fact, when the settings are high enough, this can often be more intense than massage therapy itself. Many massage therapists go for “slow and smooth” as opposed to intense.

    That being said, some massage therapists will even USE massage guns to supplement their services. That should say it all: massage guns can be more intense than massage therapy.

    It Can Help You Sleep Better and Manage Stress

    If you’re stressed or feel some tension before going to bed, one of the easiest things you can do is grab your massage gun and give yourself a nice, soothing massage. That’s one of the reasons it’s there!

    Aside from their physical benefits, did you know that massage guns also have powerful mental benefits? Deep tissue massage has consistently been found to improve your mood, help you sleep better, and can even combat stress.

    This is why massage therapists are able to charge over $50 an hour.

    With a massage gun, you won’t need to pay that. You’ll get those same benefits on command. With a massage gun, simply point the massage gun to the area you’d like massaged and start enjoying your massage.

    This can save you hundreds of dollars a year and go a long way towards improving your mental health.

    It’s Like Having Your Own On-Demand Massage Therapist

    Massage therapists usually charge at least $40 an hour, often passing the $100 per hour mark. A massage gun, however, only costs a few hundred dollars at most. When budgeting for cost, a massage gun will win out over the massage therapist every single time

    If we do the math, we see that the cost of a few massage therapy sessions could cost more than your massage gun.

    However, your massage gun is yours forever. You have unlimited usage of it. You’re not constrained by a massage therapist’s time and you don’t need to factor massage therapy costs into your budget. When you use a massage gun, it really is like having your own massage therapist on-demand.

    Feeling a little sore after a workout? Are you feeling stressed after a long day at work? Do you simply want a massage just because you enjoy them? With a massage gun, there is no need to book an appointment. Simply grab your massage gun, choose your settings, and start enjoying that massage!


    As you can see, massage guns come with a wide variety of perks. If you’re an athlete, they help you recover. If you are stressed, they help relieve the stress. Best of all, they’re convenient and easy to use. No matter where you’re from or what your fitness goals are, a massage gun is a perfect tool to help you meet your needs.

    It should come as no surprise that new massage guns seem to be hitting the market all the time. After all, they are a very in-demand product that takes next to no time to get used to. If you’ve been considering purchasing a massage gun, all we can say is: “go for it!” With all the benefits listed above, it’s only a matter of time before you decide to get one for yourself.


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