Rear Bike Passenger Seat Hack

For years I have been thinking about a way to easily transport an extra passenger around.  I have thought of a couple of ideas but have not taken any action to date.  Reader Jo contacted us with a great multipurpose hack for transporting people or stuff.  Using a hacked frame to make it easy to transport people or stuff is just brilliant.  All text and pictures below are credited to Jo.

Rear Bike Passenger Seat Hack

The hack is an extra seat for the back of my bike made from an old damaged mtb frame which I chopped down to fit. It works really well and is really strong – I use the bike seat to bring my daughter back from school when she hasn’t taken her own bike.

The best bit about it is that the seat is secured with a big wingnut – which allows the seat to come off really easily to be replaced with a rear carrier made out of an old wire office tray – it’s not pretty but it works brilliantly.

Here is a side view of bike with extra seat fitted – seat frame is attached at the seatpost and at the bottom of the frame.

Rear Bike Passenger Seat side view

It is fitted to the seat tube using a bent reflector bracket.

Rear Bike Passenger Seat side close up

The Top View

This is the top view showing where the seat is fastened to the frame – large washer, strong bolt, and wingnut used to fix it in place. The rails under the seat fit either side of the bike frame underneath and function to keep the seat in place – once tightened there is no movement at all.  It is comfortable as I usually put a seat cover on.

Rear Bike Passenger Seat top view

The Side View

This is a side view of the bike with the carrier basket fitted, made from an old office tray which fits snuggly under the saddle.


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    Rear Bike Passenger Seat side view with the carrier basket fitted

    The Basket View

    And finally, here is a view of the basket showing the two fixings – one is the same as the one used to attach the seat, the other goes through the bottom bracket of the chopped frame. At the bottom of the picture you can see where a spare piece of cycle tube has been fitted through the old bottom bracket- you can also see two old grips which when cut make perfect rests for the tray.

    Rear Bike Passenger Seat basket bottom

    With the tray removed and the seat back on the bar at the back functions as an alternate handhold for the person on the back.

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