Best See-And-Be-Seen Safety – VONT Pyro Bike Light Set

Best See-And-Be-Seen Safety – VONT Pyro Bike Light Set

Key Features:

  • 80 Lumens
  • Four powerful modes
  • 650 mAh rechargeable battery
  • 10 hours of continuous use
  • IPX4 water-resistant

VONT Pyro Bike Light Set Review

Nightriders need reliable brightness to illuminate their path, and most products put much juice in creating the best front light. But being seen in the dark is equally important.

Pyro’s bike light set is made for the biker’s visibility as much as it’s a versatile light source. Its four light modes for both the front and tail lights are ruled by only one button for a much easier reach.

The power button has a tactile click that lets you switch between low, high, slow, or fast flashing making it pretty convenient.

Since it can last up to 10+ hours, you can use it for other outdoor activities and quickly charge its USB-compatible rechargeable batteries.

Pyro bike lights are also IPX4 waterproof, ultra-lightweight, and have a robust build. The set feels like it could take a tremendous amount of bumps and other kinds of outdoor beatings.

Another impressive thing is this light requires no tools to install. It clips where you need it to go. You can even clip it to a shirt, backpack strap, hat, or helmet and use the straps included to attach the lights anywhere you need lighting.

Given the rear light’s 40 Lumens, it’s not the greatest for daytime use. That’s why it serves its purpose as a sturdy bike light to let drivers know you’re there.

All in all, Vont’s Pyro bike light set is one of the best bike lights coming in at just under $14. So, if you’re going for affordability and need something versatile with a clean aesthetic, this one fits the bill.


  • Easy to mount
  • Great for a variety of activities
  • Rechargeable front and rear light


  • Rear light not bright enough for day use

Bicycle lights are needed primarily so that other rides especially those driving motor vehicles can see you, not necessarily so that you can see them. With VONT Pyro Bike Light Set, you can keep yourself and other riders safe while following road rules.


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