How to Prevent Neck Pain While Riding a Motorcycle

A long ride on your bike with improper posture can lead to discomfort and neck pain. Not only you, but thousands of riders are also dealing with pain in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

Commit sure you’re stretching before, after, while riding your bike. Make sure you stay hydrated at all times and wear proper gear too. If you’re dealing with severe neck pain, then see a physiotherapist who can help you the most.

In this very article, you’ll get to know how to prevent neck pain while riding a motorcycle and some posture tricks too. If you understand the right posture and are aware of it, then neck pain while riding a bike can not bother you.

How to Prevent Neck Pain While Riding a Motorcycle

If you want to stay safe and avoid neck pain regarding motorcycle riding, then it’s really essential to hold yourself in an appropriate position according to your choice. Follow these tips and prevent your neck pain-

Wear Proper Gear

As a biker, you need to dress not for looks but also for bigger purposes. Here are individual tips for your convenience-


If you’re riding at a high temperature, consider wearing a light long-sleeved shirt. While riding under the sun, bare skin will absorb more heat.


The right size of boots can protect your feet, ankles as well as legs from being burned by the heat of the engine.


Wearing the best motorcycle helmet for neck pain can be a good relief for you. They can also protect you from head trauma, lessen dehydration, along ease the effects of hot wind.

Stretch it Out

While you decide to ride, stretch before you ride, during the break you take, and obviously after the end of the ride.  Stretching can prevent lower back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. It can lead to further injuries if you do not become aware of this.


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    Stay Hydrate

    If you stay hydrated properly, this can lead you to optimal performance. Even a minimal level of dehydration can be the reason for muscle fatigue. Dehydration can even cause accidents by slowing your reaction time. Fluids like mineral water and electrolytes help fuel your muscles, especially lubricating your joints. Even if it’s not summer, stay hydrated the whole time.

    Appoint a Physiotherapist

    Though riding a motorcycle doesn’t look like a game, it’s a physical activity. If you face severe neck pain, then you should appoint a physiotherapist. They will make a personalized treatment plan or the specific problem you have.

    Motorcycle Riding Posture to Prevent Neck & other Pain

    a man getting ready to ride the motorcycle












    There are three basic postures that you can follow while riding. You should try all these postures though they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each of them will be different based on the motorcycle design.

    Standard Riding Posture

    You will have a relaxed back and a neutral neck when you are in this position. Your shoulders and elbows are settled in the grips. Don’t overreach your elbows.

    Forearms and elbows are parallel to the ground, and elbows are flexed. The position of your shoulder should be neutral. Your bike should not be bigger than your body; otherwise, racing to the control system can be slightly impossible.

    This issue can cause leaning forward while riding. This type of prolonged over-reached posture can cause shoulder injuries like trigger points thoracic outlet syndrome, together with shoulder impingement syndrome.

    Sport Riding Posture

    Though this type of posture looks like fun, it can lead to trauma on the body. This posture is like a forward lean and forward tilt of the pelvis. The head should be in slight extension, and the muscle of the top of the neck gives support to the head.

    Your wrists need to be close to neutral. Thus, you can deduce the unnecessary neck pain. When you ride at high speed, you should maintain a sports riding posture for a while. But when you ride at low speed, it can put pressure on the lower back, and that’s why most of the riders don’t suggest this posture while riding at low speed.

    Cruiser Riding Posture

    In many ways, this posture is like standing riding. In cruiser riding, your back is supported as well as upright. Your head is upright and should be neutral, and your leg position is about a 90-degree angle.

    This is the most comfortable posture when you ride at low speed. But when you ride at high speed, you have to lean forward to counteract the air pressure. This posture can be quite tiring for the neck along with the abdominal muscles while riding so fast.

    Cervical Pains When Moving Your Neck

    three people dong neck stretching












    While riding a motorcycle, several causes can be a pain in the cervical area. They are – wind pressure on your helmet, tension, along grinding your teeth.

    This pain can prevent you from moving your neck from side to side. You can relieve this annoying pain by stretching or using heat or heating cream.

    Use those creams that contain ibuprofen because they can increase your blood flow in the neck area. Such pain is a sign that you’ve been riding too rigidly. To get rid of this situation, move your head around frequently while riding.

    Cervical Exercises to Reduce Neck Pain

    Do cervical exercises if you want to reduce neck pain. Here is a tip for a speedy recovery from neck pain. Move your head smoothly towards your shoulder, do it continuously.

    While doing this movement, just breathe out and then exhale after finishing this movie. This will stretch your neck muscles. You need to repeat this exercise multiple times until you feel the pain.

    Wrapping Up

    While riding a motorcycle, neck pain can be the real issue, but this should not interfere with riding in a most beautiful time. You should do some stretching and relaxation yoga to get rid of this kind of pain.

    Try all the tips given in the above section. Take some time to relax your neck muscles and adjust your posture while riding. Most riders think that standard and upright postures are comfortable on average. At last, get an appointment with a physician when the pain does not get better.


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