A Parent’s Guide For Keeping Children Safe While Biking

Biking along the park or during your next vacation is a great way for parents to bond with their children. However, as parents, you’d also want to ensure your child’s safety while biking — whether with you or on their own.

Ensuring their safety will give you peace of mind while they’re out having fun. It will also help prevent road accidents that could devastate you and anyone involved. That’s why we’ve come with this guide to help you keep your children safe on their biking adventures.

Bike Safety Gear For Children

Every child needs bike safety gear when they go out biking. Don’t worry about the price tag of this safety equipment. It’s better if you don’t risk it. If you need some help, you can turn to payday or personal loans from online lending institutions.

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That said, here are the bike safety must-haves for children:

  • Helmets: Since head injuries are prevalent in bike accidents, having a helmet will protect your child’s head in case of such accidents. A helmet can decrease the risk of a severe head injury by 85%, so it’s definitely a must-have.
  • Gloves: This is another protective gear in case of an accident. When your child falls palm-first onto pavement if they fall from their bikes, having gloves on will diminish the risk of cuts and scrapes.
  • Mirrors: This bike gear will help prevent accidents. Having mirrors on the bike handles will help your child see if there’s a car behind him. You just have to remind him to check it now and then.
  • Mouthguards: This safety gear is just as important as a helmet. Wearing a mouthguard helps protect your child’s mouth, jaw, and teeth — areas a helmet can’t cover.
  • Reflective Materials: If and when your child should bike at night or in dimly lit areas, having reflective materials on either their clothes, bike, or both will help them remain visible to passing vehicles.
  • Elbow and Knee Pads: These safety gears will help protect their elbows and knees from cuts and scrapes if they fall.

Ensuring Bike Safety For Kids

If your child wants to go biking on the road, you, as a parent, must guide him. Here are some steps you can take:

Get The Right Bike Size

When buying a bike for your child, ensure it’s the right size and matches their skill level. Don’t buy a bike that’s bigger than them. The right bike will allow them to sit on the bike comfortably with their feet planted on the ground. Additionally, the handles should be adjusted to not go above their shoulders. If you can’t make these adjustments on your own, you can take the bike to a local shop.

Ensure That They Have Safety Gear

Your child should always have all the necessary safety gear when riding. We’ve listed them above, and it’s best not to skip them. Aside from ensuring they have this safety equipment, you should also make sure it’s the right equipment. For example, when it comes to helmets, they should fit well and be appropriate for biking. They should have a good bike helmet designed to protect their heads in case of a bike accident. You can’t give them a sports helmet or a hard hat.

Have Them Wear Appropriate Clothing

You must consider two things when choosing an appropriate outfit for biking. Firstly, the color should be bright enough so they remain visible on the road. Secondly, you should not let them wear loose clothing as it could get stuck in the chains or other parts of the bike. They should also avoid wearing open-toe shoes, such as flip-flops, as these shoes will not protect their toes in an accident.


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    Conduct Safety Checks

    Before sending your kid to go on a bike ride, you should never skip doing safety checks. Many accidents could have been prevented if riders diligently conducted safety checks beforehand. You should check if the wheels are well-inflated and the handles are well-adjusted. Check for problems with the chains and brakes and fix any loose parts. You can also be extra safe by having the bike checked by a professional every once in a while.

    Remind Them To Follow Road Safety Rules

    Before you allow your child to have adventures with their bike, you have to teach them the rules of the road. Stress the importance of minding their surroundings when biking. They should follow the same rules as motorists — stopping at red lights, using hand signs, adhering to traffic laws, and paying attention to the signs on the road. Also, ensure your kid knows they must stay on the right side of the road, not facing traffic.

    Final Words

    If you’re in doubt, you can supervise your child until you feel confident they can be safe on their own. The important thing is to ensure your child feels safe while doing what they love. Letting them venture out on their own can be scary, but it’s also a good opportunity to teach them valuable lessons about road safety.

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