Addmotor M-350 P7 Electric Trike

The Addmotor MOTAN M-350 P7 is one of the most popular electric trikes on the market. This three-wheel electric bike has a rugged and stable frame construction. It makes you ready for a quick trip to the grocery store or some exciting extended adventure down the trails.

Addmotor offers a wide range of electric bikes, and the MOTAN M-350 P7 is one of the best city electric trikes for every rider. It has a low standover height and has fat tires. Let’s find out more about the features of the Addmotor M-350 P7 electric trike.


The Addmotor MOTAN M-350 P7 has a power of 750 watts. This electric fat trike has 1,000+ peak watts of power. For this reason, this three-wheel electric bike is a must-buy for every e-bike lover.

The Bafang hub motor allows you to ride on a continuous 750 watts of power. You can climb hills with a quicker acceleration. This motor offers 80 Newton meters of torque and is a great choice to travel on muddy and sandy trails.


It is one of the best e-trikes that offers a speed set between 12 kph to 40kmh. Please note that the speed settings should be in accordance with local speed regulations.

The 350-P7 comes with a pedal assist mode and throttle control mode, making this a class 2 electric bike. You can also keep it more street-legal by riding it in the 32kmh mode. The 32+km h mode can be a bit fast for a trike but is stable at lower speeds.

Battery And Range

The Addmotor M-350 P7 ranks at the top of the best fat tire electric trikes in the market and runs on a 48-volt system. It is equipped with a 17.5 ah battery and offers an estimated max range of 55+ miles.

The battery of this e-trike is located behind the seat post. This feature helps to balance the bike because the motor is located at the front wheel. The battery is also easy to remove for charging and storage.

Pedal Assist Sensor

The three-wheel electric bike is designed with a cadence sensor that measures the cranks’ rotation. These cadence sensors don’t let the pedaling stop as the motor activates and deactivates quickly.

5-Inch LCD Display

The Addmotor MOTAN M-350 P7 is a three-wheel electric bike. It features a display located in the center. A handlebar with an independent button pad is placed on the left side. The electronic feedback includes speed, distance, and battery level. It also involves wattage output and a lot more.


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    Frame And Weight


    MOTAN M-350 P7 has around 82 pounds in weight. It is a three-wheel electric bike that comes packed in one frame size. You will be surprised to know that it is heavier as compared to other electric bikes. The fat tires are bulky, but they can still give a good riding experience. It is a perfect electric bike for adults.


    The Addmotor MOTAN M-350 P7 has an Ad shox front suspension fork. It can help you cover 80mm of travel within a short period. If this isn’t enough, you can easily adjust the compression or preload and lockout without difficulty.

    This adult electric trike has hub spacing as this does an excellent job of keeping the shocks away. However, it may not be suited for trails with an extreme downhill.


    The three-wheel electric bike features a Shimano rear derailleur. It features a 7-speed cassette and uses an index thumb shifter to work swiftly. This product comes packed with a one-year warranty and will help you save your money.


    The brakes of this electric bike are made with a mechanical disk brake. It features 180mm rotors on the front and rear sides. These brakes have the power to make you stop and start the bike at the right time.

    Each brake lever is equipped with a motor inhibitor. If the brake levers become slow, it will still not cut the power supply to the motor.

    Wrap Up

    Addmotor M-350 P7 is a perfect choice for those who like to ride long distances. It features a stable platform and offers a fun ride to the user. You can purchase this product and other electric tricycles from Add motor at the most affordable

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