Night Cycling On How To Feel Safe And Confident On The Road

The beauty of the city at night often attracts bicycle amateurs and encourages them to ride on silent roads. Night cycling has a special charm: the streets are almost empty of people and endless traffic, the air is pleasantly cool, the city in the lights looks completely new, and the silence makes you feel a sense of freedom on the track.

Behind this romance often lies a real danger, because in the dark time of the day, due to limited visibility the risk of accidents involving cyclists increases significantly. As practice shows, most accidents at night occur because drivers simply do not see a bicycle.

It does not stand out from the darkness and completely merges with the landscape. To keep your health and prevent accidents, it is important to think about the route, be careful and consider all requirements regarding equipment.

Peculiarities Of Traffic Movement At Night

Riding a bicycle at night requires special care since most traffic lights turn yellow and there is no regulation at intersections. This means that all responsibility falls on the participants in the traffic, so you have to be very careful and attentive.

In addition, the night is a favorite time for fans of speed and turned-off traffic lights give them complete freedom on the roads. Motorcyclists, racers, and cab drivers rarely observe speed limits at night and it’s hard for them to spot a bicycle that is not equipped with special devices.

Equipping A Bicycle With Lights

Before you go out for a nighttime bicycle ride, you should take care of the presence of reflectors. They can be installed on the spokes, under the seat, as well as on the handlebars.

But reflectors alone are not enough because of the slightest tilt or turn, and they cease to function properly and for the driver in this situation, you become invisible.

The basis of signal lights are headlights, which are divided into front and rear. The front ones ensure your visibility to oncoming traffic, as well as illuminate the path and help to avoid hitting a pothole. As for the rear lights, they will allow a driver to see you from behind and from the side.

Monitor the charge of the batteries on the headlights and, carry several spare lights with you. Even with good-quality headlights, no one is immune to unforeseen breakdowns or accidents. It’s always a good idea to have two pairs of rear headlights in case one of them breaks and you don’t notice.

Neon tubes and LED wheel lights are also popular, which not only look fashionable but also make the cyclist most visible on the road. A wide light spot will allow you to move comfortably in the dark. Then your vehicle will be visible to the surrounding traffic, and the road does not prepare surprises.


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    There are many types of bike beacons, lights, and reflective elements on the market. In the digital space, you can find reviews of bloggers who constantly raise their ratings, buy real Instagram followers and advertisements, and share recommendations of only quality products to gain the trust of their target audience.

    That way you can find detailed information about the products, determine their key benefits and make a quicker decision about the choice. Keep in mind, that the more illuminated the bike, the more visible it is on the road and the safer the cyclist is.

    Preparing For Night Riding

    In addition to properly equipping your bicycle with LED devices, it is important not to forget about personal equipment for riding at night. It’s recommended to use a bicycle helmet and glasses. Bicycle glasses will help protect your eyes from insects, wind, twigs, and dust.

    In addition, there are many products for marking the silhouette of the cyclist, such as reflective vests, which are important to use at night.

    Additionally, you can keep yourself safe on the road with passive reflectors on your gloves, jacket, and backpack. Studies have shown that having reflectors on your pedals or ankles will help you stand out more because other road users notice the elliptical movement of the pedals. Sneakers with reflectors reinforce the effect and attract attention through typical dynamic movements.

    It is recommended to choose goods from both well-known online stores and social networks. Personal brands work on their reputation and invest a lot in their promotion: they set up ads, buy Instagram followers, order advertising inserts from bloggers, etc. That’s why they are more often a guarantee of quality and a priority choice for most people.

    Choosing A Safe Route

    Avoid the big highways, even though they offer good lighting and a wide, level roadway. Such roads become a favorite destination for riders. Motorists and motorcyclists on a wide night road are a direct danger to the cyclist on the side of the road.

    The high speed doesn’t allow for a quick response. Therefore, if some parts of the track were very busy at night, it is recommended to move to the sidewalk and move on bicycle or pedestrian paths.

    There are times when, in different seasons, the route may be more pleasant or conversely. Roads that are covered with fallen leaves are themselves dangerous and hide other obstacles that are much harder to see in the dark.

    Avoid unfamiliar routes and high speeds, because insufficient visibility makes it more likely that you will not see a hole or various obstacles, which can cause you to fall and be injured.

    If your daily road passes through the dirt or is flooded with water, it is worth looking for paved roads. If this is not possible, seriously consider buying sturdy and reliable tires for your bicycle.

    Try to ride on well-lit streets. Riding on lighted routes allows you to see potential hazards such as potholes, cracks, and others. It is very helpful to ride the intended route in daylight and already know where surprises await you at night.

    Increased Attention When Driving At Night

    Cycling at night has a large number of advantages and brings a lot of pleasure. However, non-ideal road surfaces, as well as unpredictable drivers require increased concentration. Bike gear and the necessary equipment are only 50% safety, the other 50% is your attention on the road.

    In favor of safety, abandon headphones, speakers, and other means that muffle the sound. Concentrate on the road and oncoming traffic.

    It is extremely important to minimize any possible risk. The cyclist must take all possible measures to ensure his safety, as he is the most vulnerable and most invisible participant in traffic.

    Do not neglect the rules of the road and do not ignore the opportunity to install good bicycle lights. If you have solid baggage of experience and knowledge then this pastime promises a lot.

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