Bikes That Can Do It All National Bike Month In May

The benefits of biking have never been clearer. Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Jaclyn Kubiak recommends cycling for the many physical and mental benefits and praises the workout for being an easy way to incorporate movement into your existing commute or trip to the store.

“It’s been shown that cycling reduces anxiety and depression,” says Dr. Kubiak. “Mainly, because you can make it fun. You get the added benefit of being outdoors or you can go do it with friends.” The versatility of biking is certainly one of the main perks. It’s a hobby that can check the boxes of your weekly workout, transportation, and community socializing.

But with sustainability and an uncertain economy on the mind, savvy cyclists are looking for models that can take them to all the places they want to go and adapt to a wide variety of scenarios.

Jeff Frane, co-founder and president of Wilde Bicycle Co., says that he is “super into the current ATB (All Terrain Bicycle) trend, as they’re just good bikes. You can literally do anything with them. They can be built up in infinite ways and are virtually future-proof. When a bike leads with capability, it’ll always be useful and relevant.”

Consider these the SUV of the bike world, the perfect style to take you from a bike around the park with the kids to a weekend adventure you’ll never forget. But these aren’t your parents’ ATBs. Bicycle technology has come a long way since then in creating a smoother, safer, more comfortable ride.

Wilde Bicycle Co.’s newest offering, the Supertramp, is designed with versatility in mind. Officially, it’s a bikepacking and trekking bike, but the all-terrain platform will take you from the corner store to a month-long backcountry tour and everywhere in between.

The secret is the endless options for configurations. With mounts for whatever racks, bags, and accessories you wish to carry, you can customize the frame to fit your lifestyle. This is a great example of a bicycle that can grow with you and truly let you explore the whole world of cycling.

Future-proof is the magic word when looking for a bike that can do it all. We can’t predict the future of cycling so versatility and quality materials will allow you to take on whatever comes. Here’s what to look for.

  • Mounts – Water bottles, paneers, front or back racks. Regardless of the distance you plan to travel, comfortable cycling relies on your ability to carry everything you need for the trip. Look for a bike that includes a variety of mounts and bag configurations, so you can update your gear and storage instead of updating your whole bike.
  • Range in tire fit – Traditionally, tire width accounts for one of the primary differences between bikes made for different terrains, but just as often it comes down to personal preference. Buying a bike that allows you to size up or down your wheels will ensure that you’re ready for whatever terrain comes your way.
  • Dropper posts for quick seat adjustment – Dropper posts have become standard for modern mountain bikes because they allow you to adjust your seat height to maximize the uphill and downhill experience. Overall, any tool that allows you to easily adjust your bike will open it up to a wider variety of cycling experiences.

With the rise in popularity of e-bikes bringing in new audiences of all ages, we can expect to see a rise in biking infrastructure across terrains.

One example of this is how Europe is taking steps to increase safe biking infrastructure across the continent. A historic resolution passed in the European Parliament this past February, promises to double cycling on the continent by 2030.


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    The European Cyclists’ Federation noted that the resolution “marks a recognition of cycling as a fully-fledged mode of transport and a key industrial asset to meet long-term climate and clean manufacturing objectives.”

    We hope to see this trend continue across the U.S. as well, with more cities and states seeing the benefits to prioritizing bike accessibility. With more roads and trails to conquer, the world of cycling is expanding, giving cyclists more options for how they choose to enjoy the activity.

    Maybe this is opening a door to incorporating cycling into your morning commute. We know there are plenty of benefits to biking to work, including saving money, helping the environment, and increasing enjoyment.

    Another option that you may have considered is taking bikepacking or trekking. These adventures can sound intimidating to casual bikers, but they’re totally assessable to any skill level if you have the right gear and the right bike. There’s no better way to get in touch with nature, explore new cultures, and make friends along the way.

    If a cycling adventure is on your bucket list, prioritize a bike designed for versatility as you’ll likely encounter a variety of terrains and environments along your journey.

    The world of biking is expansive, and we can expect it to continue growing, which means modern bikes will be expected to take on whatever path comes their way. Thankfully, advancements in cycle materials and technology mean we’ll see more bikes like the Supertramp that are designed to do it all.

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