Must-Have Accessories For Long Distance Motorcycle Touring

For some people riding a motorcycle is more than a passion, it is an unexplainable emotion. This is the reason why they ditch air transport and trains and embark on a long journey on their bike. They love to feel the gushes of air in their hair and sunlight on their skin and care less about miles, weather, and body aches. 

Must-Have Accessories For Long Distance Motorcycle Touring

If you happen to be one of those who enjoy the enigmatic pleasure of riding a bike, we have some handy information for you. Here are the must-have accessories for long-distance motorcycle touring that you should invest in:

Riding Gear

The first thing that you will need for safe and pleasurable long-distance touring is riding gear.

While buying riding gear, make sure you invest in the one with the finest quality. Your motorcycle riding gear should include a full-face helmet meeting either Australian Standard or European Standard. Keep in mind that SNELL and DOT-certified helmets are not legal for road use in Australia.

Apart from a helmet, buy a comfortable riding jacket, riding pants, gloves, knee and elbow guards, eye-protection glasses, and boots. You can use motocross boots on roads only if you manage to break them in.  

Saddle and Tank Bag 

Carrying lots of luggage during long-distance touring can break your back. Hence, use a saddlebag. Buy a spacious saddleback that can keep all your belongings safe. 

Other than a saddlebag, invest in a good quality tank bag. Your tank bag will hold your small accessories, like phone, camera, and wallet, and keep them in your easy reach. 

Most tank bags come with multiple compartments- smaller ones to keep your map or GPS, the main compartment for large items, like your snack bars, sunblock, gloves, etc., 

Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

While nothing can beat the soothing sound of a bike’s engine mixed with the sound of the wind, sometimes you may want to listen to music while riding. For this, you need a Bluetooth helmet communicator. You may also need it to listen to the GPS navigation commands. 

GPS Navigation Unit

Gone are the days when you were required to look at the map, again and again, to find your way through the twisted roads. Today, with the advances of science and technology, you can easily find the right route without the need for a map. All you need is a GPS navigation unit.


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    The markets are full of the latest navigation units that come with glove-friendly buttons and a whole lot of other features. The voice-guided navigation system will not only help you find your way but will also tell you the nearest hotel or gas station. 

    Flat Repair Kit And Portable Air Compressor

    Carrying a flat repair kit and a portable air compressor is quite essential when touring a long distance. Though the manufacturers offer sturdy tires that work well in wet and dry conditions, tires can go flat forcing you to midway. Hence, carry a flat repair kit. If you have a tubeless tire, a flat repair kit comes in handy for on-the-spot repair. 

    After fixing the tire, you will need to inflate it. So, carry a portable air compressor. 

    Bike or Helmet-Mounted Video Camera

    During your journey, you will come across several gorgeous moments. Carry a bike or helmet-mounted video camera to put a cuff on every beautiful moment and immortalise it. 

    Look for small and light-weight cameras that can take high-definition videos and high-resolution photos. 

    The bottom line 

    A long-distance motorcycle ride is a worthwhile experience, but at the same time, it is challenging. However, these accessories make your experience safe, beautiful, and more enjoyable. So, make sure you don’t leave your home without these motorcycle accessories. 


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