5 Muscle Groups That Should Be Worked Out Daily

Although the human body has more than 600 muscles, one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is training just one or two of them, and even prioritizing the wrong muscle groups. 

Sometimes you find yourself in a crowded gym and end up using only the available equipment, which limits your exercise program. But when you don’t know your anatomy well, you can end up training just one or another part of the body, not knowing the best way to do it.

To cut to the chase, the perfect combination to make the most of the benefits of a workout routine goes through five muscle groups that must receive daily attention. Let’s take a look at them and learn how you can improve your exercise routine.

1. Abs

Abdominals are among the body’s most important muscles, as they help with the breathing process, protect the internal organs, and are essential for twisting and bending over movements. So it’s understandable that they deserve full attention in an exercise routine: healthy abs also guarantee a good posture.

The best way to work out your abdominals is to divide them into different sections to train separately (upper, middle, and lower) to ensure that each of your sections has time to recover between exercises. The good news is that to gain or maintain a six-pack chest; you don’t need a lot of equipment or the machines at the gym: just adopt a sequence of exercises like planks and squats even at home.

2. Forearms

Probably the most overlooked muscles during workouts are the ones that cross your hands, wrists, and elbows. Exercising your forearms is important for symmetry (since, together with your biceps and triceps, they make your arms look bigger and stronger) and for everyday tasks that require a strong grip.

To get your forearms in shape, you’ll need to lift weights. At the gym, you can start with 5-to-10-pound dumbbells. If you’re exercising at home, you can replace them with canned goods or a glass bottle. Increase the weight gradually as you feel the results. Push ups also help to work these muscles.

3. Calves

Calves are a small muscle group located in your legs and essential for physical activities such as walking, running, jumping, and cycling. If you lead a very sedentary life or spend the day sitting in front of the computer, you need to pay special attention to this area of your body.

In the gym, you can find several leg machines. But the best way to exercise your calves is to put on a pair of America’s best eyeglasses and go outside to run, play sports, and even dance. The up-and-down motion also helps as it forces your calves to work – at home, you can make your legs healthier just by using the stairs instead of the elevator.

4. Upper Back

The back is the most complex muscular structure in your body and runs from your buttocks to your neck. But it’s the upper back muscles, like the trapezius and the rhomboids, that deserve more attention, as they help your body maintain a good posture – something essential for anyone who spends most of the day sitting.


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    In the gym, the process of strengthening the upper back involves lifting dumbbells and heavier weights. But if you are doing workouts at home and don’t have the equipment, a series of push-ups or planks with side arm raises every day should do the trick.

    5. Neck

    If you think your neck is part of the upper back group, think again. In fact, not many people train their neck muscles, which can result in injuries such as torticollis (especially when the lack of exercise is coupled with poor posture at work).

    At least you can get results with a little effort by doing a couple of simple movements, such as looking side-to-side and neck stretches. In addition to making your neck healthier, it can also improve your back and shoulder muscles in the process.

    Healthy Muscles For A Better Life

    About 40 percent of our body weight is made up of muscles. And they are not there by chance: the muscle groups help us perform complex movements requiring strength and precision. That’s why keeping your muscles healthy is key to having a better life.

    Whether at the gym or at home, you should exercise the five muscle groups presented above daily. Each of them requires a suitable type of exercise, so it’s not enough to spend the day sweating and lifting weights if you are not giving these muscles the proper attention they deserve.

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