Mototec Dirt Bike vs Razor Dirt Bike Reviews

While Mototec is popular for its dedicated low-budget gas and electric dirt bikes, Razor is popular for launching the most popular electric dirt bikes.

Mototec Dirt Bike vs Razor Dirt Bike Reviews

Although both the manufacturers are bringing out authentic dirt bikes with some decent features and traits, they differ from each other to a great degree.

We have come into contact with too many expected buyers who are willing to purchase a dirt bike but are fluctuating between Razor and Mototec.

If you are one of them, we are here to give you some relief by comparing Razor and Mototec with one another to give you confidence over your decision.

If you dare to continue, let’s get started-

Mototec vs Razor Dirt Bikes: A Perfect Comparison

Mototec Razor
Mototec has the best gas-powered dirt bikes. Razor has the best electric dirt bikes
Mototec has the best looks. Razor has the best quality.
Mototec dirt bikes are budget-friendly. Razor electric dirt bikes are a little expensive compared to Mototec.
Mototec gas-powered dirt bikes are faster but the electric ones are not that fast. Razor electric dirt bikes are much better when it is about speed delivery.
Mototec delivers up to 50 miles of cruising distance with one-time fuel recharge. Razor electric dirt bikes can deliver up to two hours of battery backups.
MotoTec dirt bikes come for both kids and adults. Razor offers electric dirt bikes mostly for the kids.
Mototec dirt bikes have better off-roading capacity Razor dirt bikes can also handle optimum off-roading rides.


Now that we have the comparison chart and brief knowledge about both these brands and dirt bikes, it is time to go into a deeper discussion-

Razor Is for Electric Dirt Bikes, and Mototec Is for Gas

While Razor is the best possible brand for electric dirt bikes, MotoTec is an ideal place for gas-powered dirt bikes. It is not that MotoTec does not launch any electric dirt bikes on the market. Rather it has some outstanding electric dirt bike lineups. But when it comes to picking up the best electric dirt bikes, Razor is the most trusted and versatile manufacturer that comes to mind.

On the other hand, MotoTec is bringing some outstanding MotoTec dirt bikes on the market, making all the customers content with the performance and service. One of the beneficial aspects of going with a MotoTec dirt bike is that these dirt bikes are quite reasonable when it comes to the price. Therefore, one can easily grab their expected dirt bikes at a decent price range.

Mototec Is for Looks, and Razor Is for Quality

Almost everyone who has ever ridden on a Mototec dirt bike will agree to the fact that MotoTec dirt bikes offer a premium look which is hard to find even on a branded dirt bike. We have mentioned only the look should not mean that MotoTec does not ensure quality. In fact, some of the MotoTec dirt bikes have the potential to compete against branded dirt bikes as well.


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    On the other hand, Razor is a brand of trust. Razor electric dirt bikes are versatile and loaded with tons of features to satisfy the users. When electric dirt bikes are your first preference, nothing should please you more than Razor electric dirt bikes.

    Mototec Dirt Bikes Are Budget-Friendly, Whereas Razor Electric Dirt Bikes Are Expensive

    We know the price of your preferred dirt bike is one of the most important aspects that always comes into consideration. Who is the winner in terms of the price range?

    Well, both MotoTec and Razor offer some cheap and expensive dirt bikes according to the customer’s needs. But when you see the bigger picture, it is MotoTec that tends to offer a reasonable and cheaper price range.

    Although some of the Razor electric dirt bikes come at a good price range, most of them will charge you a handy amount. But it is relatable as Razor always pays a good concentration on the quality of their bike’s performance. Where there is the presence of quality, there will be the presence of a higher price range as well.

    Mototec Gas-Powered Dirt Bikes Are Faster Compared to the Electric Bikes

    MotoTec brings a large number of electric and gas-powered dirt bikes to the market. But not all of them share the same characteristics when it comes to speed delivery.

    MotoTec gas-powered dirt bikes tend to deliver better speed compared to its electric dirt bikes. While a MotoTec gas-powered dirt bike has the potency to deliver up to 70mph of top speed, an electric dirt bike can hardly reach the 20mph barrier.

    But behind this proposition, there is always a reason. MotoTec brings their gas-powered dirt bikes for the adults who love to take part in the trail race. On the other hand, MotoTec electric dirt bikes usually come for the kids. Therefore, a MotoTec gas-powered dirt bike will have better speed compared to a MotoTec electric dirt bike.

    Razor Electric Dirt Bikes Can Deliver up to 17mph of Top Speed

    The most powerful Razor MX 650 can deliver up to 17mph of top speed.  That means all the other lineups of Razor will deliver less than 17mph of top speed. As a result, it is guessable that Razor electric dirt bikes are faster.

    But when you consider the electric dirt bike genre, it is quite okay to say that Razor electric dirt bikes are fast enough.

    Mototec Offers Better Cruising Distance, Whereas Razor Offers Long Battery Support

    Both Razor and MotoTec are good in terms of mileage and battery support.

    Being an electric dirt bike supplier, most Razor dirt bikes get their power source from batteries. In that case, Razor does not disappoint its customers by delivering better and longer battery support with most of their dirt bikes. It is always possible to get 40 minutes to up to 2 hours of battery support from a Razor electric dirt bike.

    On the other hand, MotoTec is also popular for delivering longer mileage and distance. One can expect to get up to 60 miles of cruising distance with one time of fuel recharge from a MotoTec dirt bike.

    Mototec Are for Everyone and Razor Complements the Kids

    Gas-powered dirt bikes are more powerful. Therefore, they complement the adults and some of the intermediate kids. On the other hand, electric dirt bikes are a great tool for the kids to learn about the tactics and process of riding a real dirt bike.

    As Razor pays a great deal of concentration in bringing the most powerful electric dirt bikes on the market, we have to say that these electric dirt bikes are really a good choice for the kids.

    On the other hand, MotoTec satisfies everyone through its multiple options for dirt bikes.

    Mototec Handle Better off-Road Conditions Than Razor

    Razor pocket bikes are smaller compared to Mototec gas-powered dirt bikes. As a result, Razor dirt bikes tend to offer a little less off-roading capacity. It is indeed true that the Razor MX 650 can handle little off-road conditions.

    But when you compare Mototec gas-powered dirt bikes with Razor’s electric dirt bikes, Razor will be no way there with Mototec.


    What Are the Razor Electric Dirt Bike Lineups?

    The top five electric dirt bike lineups from Razor are-

    1. Razor MX 125 dirt rocket.
    2. Razor MX 350 dirt rocket.
    3. Razor MX 400 dirt rocket.
    4. Razor MX 500 dirt rocket.
    5. Razor MX 650 dirt rocket.

    What Is the Top Speed of a Razor Dirt Bike?

    The top speed of a Razor dirt bike is around 17mph. The speed range of a Razor electric dirt bike will be between 10mph to 1mph.

    How Fast Does a Mototec Dirt Bike Go?

    A MotoTec dirt bike can go with a top speed of up to 60mph. The speed range of a MotoTec dirt bike would be between 40mph to 60mph.

    Which Brand Is Perfect for an Electric Dirt Bike?

    When it comes to picking up the most competent electric dirt bike, Razor is one of the most ideal brands that everyone should take into consideration.

    Numerous lineups with a decent experience, Razor has been satisfying its customers for a long time.

    Which Brand Is Perfect for a Budget-Friendly Gas-Powered Dirt Bike?

    Although multiple brands are bringing quality gas-powered dirt bikes on the market, we would recommend MotoTec as the most budget-friendly option available.

    Besides, you may also check Chinese dirt bikes for saving your budget.

    Final Summary

    • MotoTec offers some outstanding gas-powered dirt bikes, whereas Razor is best for the electric version of dirt bikes.
    • Razor is a little expensive compared to MotoTec dirt bikes.
    • When you are a fashion geek, MotoTec should serve you in the best manner possible.
    • When quality is your highest preference, Razor will always satisfy you.
    • Both Razor and MotoTec have gained trust from their customers through quality and performance.


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