4 Cost-Efficient Motorcycle Upgrades That You Should Get

Motorcycle upgrades are almost just as plentiful and complex as those for their four-wheeled counterparts.

4 Cost-Efficient Motorcycle Upgrades That You Should Get

Car and motorcycle upgrades are similar in that they both offer a multitude of choices that have varying effects. Some upgrades, like this motorcycle GPS, can add functionality to your motorcycle, while many other upgrades are expensive, useless, gimmicky, and even dangerous.

The last part is especially important to note, as motorcycles are significantly smaller and less durable than cars. This is why the first upgrades you should get need to be ones that are geared toward preventing and surviving an accident.

With this in mind, what are some motorcycle upgrades that are worth the money?

LED Lights

This may come as a surprise to many readers, but one of the leading causes of car-to-motorcycle collisions is that motorcycles are difficult to see due to their narrow frame. This is especially true at night.

It’s for this reason that LEDs are more than just an aesthetic upgrade; they also serve as a means to help other motorists see you better. However, not all LED lights are advisable, as they vary in quality depending on where you source them from.

Buy only high-quality LED lights from reputable companies such as XK Glow both for the product quality and peace of mind.

Performance Windshields

Performance windshields aren’t just a good way to give your motorcycle a sporty, high-performance aesthetic. They also improve the aerodynamics of your motorcycle, which helps it retain traction and control during high speeds.

This is especially important when riding on long trips and on less-than-ideal road conditions (although, at this point, you ought to either slow down or wait for better road conditions).

Frame Sliders

Much like the ones on cars, motorcycle frames are extremely expensive to repair, if they are repairable at all. Frame sliders are attachments that keep the frame of your motorcycle away from the ground during a crash or a fall.


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    The best part about frame sliders is that they are inexpensive and they are easy to find. Any wise rider would easily choose an inexpensive preventive measure over-frame damage that’s expensive to repair.

    High-Performance Tires

    Sharp curves and corners are notorious for being accident-prone areas. Motorcycle riders lose control of their vehicle the moment that either tire loses traction.

    High-performance tires are the best way to prevent this. They provide much better traction than stock tires because they are much thicker, and thus have a greater surface area that grips the road even during sharp curves and turns.

    While it’s true that they can be expensive, you can mitigate their cost by selling your stock tires, which also have high demand. On top of the added control and safety, thick tires just look so much better than stock tires.

    It should also be noted that even when these upgrades can drastically increase the durability and safety of your motorcycle, you should never forget to also invest in high-quality protective gear.

    Rider safety is just as important as motorcycle safety, if not more; and even with all the best mods and gear, nothing will keep you safer than your riding skill, alertness, and common sense.


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