Motorcycle Armor Safety and Benefits

Motorcycle accidents do not always have to result in severe injury or death, but they are significantly more likely to do so than the average car accident.

The truth is that you may still enjoy motorcycle riding without having to worry as much about your safety by investing in the appropriate equipment, the motorcycle body armor.

Body armor is motorcycle safety gear comprised of durable thermoplastic resins for the outside shell and flexible foam liners to absorb the energy and shock of an accident.

How Does It Work?

It works extremely effectively in many cases and can avert significant bodily injury, including fractured bones.

Although specific motorcycle armor will provide significant abrasion protection, the purpose of protective gear is to absorb and dissipate any impact force directed at you.

We’ve known riders who have escaped high-speed wrecks. An internal body armor shielded them from the first hit and subsequent abrasion as they skidded to a halt.

Types of Body Armor

1. Armored Vest

Armored vests are meant to fit over the body and provide protection in the front, chest, and back. These provide good impact and abrasion protection for your chest and back, but not for your arms. Most have a padded interior and a hard abrasion-resistant outer core that can be worn under a jacket or over a shirt or sweatshirt.

2. Armored Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are usually armored at critical impact locations like the back, shoulders, and elbows. Leather, mesh, a Kevlar blend, or an all-weather textile are possibilities. Internal and external pockets are standard features. Jackets don’t have a set replacement time so that you could get several years of use.

3. Armored Suits

Riding suits come in various materials and pockets, closure, and material options. Even if it’s meant for all-weather riding, you could appreciate a one-piece suit that gives you that racing sensation. In addition to the one-piece option, two-piece suits join at the waist to simulate a one-piece and provide additional weather protection when riding.


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    Many armored suits are designed ergonomically with heavy armor exterior plates and shock-absorbing soft, resilient foam lining. The high-quality materials secure your back, neck, and wrist to the fullest extent possible.

    4. Armored Pants

    Armored riding trousers are made of leather or fabrics, and both protect the hips, pelvis, legs, and knees. Look for characteristics that best suit your riding style, and then see what you can purchase based on your budget.

    5. Armored Shirt

    Wearing an armored shirt allows the contoured armor to remain ideally attached and positioned throughout the riding and in the event of a crash due to the elasticated fabric of the garment.

    However, armored undershirts do not have an abrasion-resistant lining. They can be worn for high-speed ridings, such as track racing, as long as they are worn over a high-quality motorcycle jacket.

    6. Armored Boots

    Motorcycle boots are available in a variety of forms and functions. A boot with more excellent abrasion protection around the toe, a steel toe insert for more toe impact protection, or just a good over the ankle boot for ankle support is all options.

    7. Back and Spine Protector

    Back protectors help reduce soft tissue damage on the back and sides of the body when the rider is engaged in an accident. Most back guards prevent a puncture or abrasion by restricting spine movement.

    8. Elbow and Knee Guards

    If you don’t want to wear a suit or jacket but still want the armor’s protection, there are solutions for simply armor. You can choose to wear elbow and knee pads on the outside. They can be worn over a shirt, jacket, or slacks.

    Motorcycle body protection is critical for your safety while riding a motorcycle. The impact of motorcycle-specific riding gear and whether body armor makes a difference will always be debated. Although there are few studies on the efficiency of body armor, there is little doubt that wearing it while riding a motorbike provides more protection than riding without it.

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