Mokwheel Basalt E-Bike Review: Exploring the All-Terrain Marvel

Ebikes are a rising passion. Their sales have grown by over 400% since 2020, and the market is flooded with newer models. The industry has seen companies experiment with new philosophies, designs, and specifications to meet the needs of dynamic users. Mokwheel has emerged as a winner with its Basalt e-bike. The company has laid the foundation for an innovative e-bike category that makes your journeys limitless.

Mokwheel’s Basalt is the frontrunner in the power station e-bike category. It boasts a powerful 750-watt motor, a reliable Samsung 48V 19.6Ah battery, and multiple AC and DC ports that can be used to charge laptops, speakers, and other devices. It also meets the criteria for an electric fat tire mountain bike with its 4.0-inch wide tires. The bike’s impeccable fork suspension also adds to its driving quality on rugged terrain. It is truly a bike designed for all terrains.

Mokwheel’s Basalt has also received praise from reputable e-bike reviewers. Electric Bike Report is among many others who were impressed by the impeccable quality and usability of the Basalt. The e-bike’s impressive torque sensor was another point of favor among critics. They were delighted by its remarkable judgment of the user’s effort and subsequent assistance.

If you’re looking for an electric bike for sale, the Mokwheel Basalt should be on your list. Let’s take a closer look at the bike’s specifications and see if it should be your final choice.

General Specifications


Feature Specification
Motor 750W brushless rear hub motor
Battery 48V 19.6Ah Samsung battery
Range Up to 60-80 miles
Top speed 28 mph
Pedal assist levels 5
Display LED integrated color display
Brakes Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes
Tires 26×4.0″ Chaoyang puncture resistant fat tires
Suspension 110mm adjustable front suspension
Frame 6061 aluminum alloy
Weight 79 pounds
Weight limit 400 pounds
Other features Integrated headlight, taillight, fenders, kickstand

Basalt stands out as one of the premier all terrain electric bikes. Its widespread acclaim primarily revolves around its robust motor, exciting design and high quality components.

E-Bike Motor

The bicycle boasts a powerful 750 W rear hub motor, ensuring a smooth and swift riding experience. The rear hub motor significantly enhances the quality of the ride on hills, reducing fatigue for the rider. 

It is accompanied by a Samsung 48V 19.6Ah battery that offers an impressive range of up to 80 miles. The Samsung battery has gained a favorable reputation for its exceptional durability and is used in high-end e-bikes worldwide.

Height and Size

Mokwheel’s Basalt is available in both step-over and step-through models; its adjustable seat height makes it suitable for riders of all ages. Weighing approximately 79 lbs, the bike has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. 

The bike features a handlebar height of 43.8″ and a wheelbase measuring 45.7″. The ingeniously designed aluminum frame maintains an aerodynamic profile, enhancing efficiency and extending the riding range.


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    The Basalt electric bike is equipped with Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brakes. These premium brakes have demonstrated superior stability and safety compared to wired alternatives. 

    They are also less susceptible to corrosion and brake fractures, ensuring years of reliable performance without the need for repairs.


    Mokwheel has incorporated a Shimano 7-Speed gearing system that contributes to the e-bike’s stability and comfort. Basalt also features a high-grade aluminum derailleur and crankset known for their smoothness and durability, providing a stable and enduring ride.

    Renowned for the dependability and efficiency, Mokwheel’s Basalt offers a sigh of relief for those in search of a dependable electric fat tire mountain bike.

    Why Does Basalt Stand Out?

    The previously mentioned features are indeed commonplace, and they can also be found in other all-terrain electric bikes, albeit at a higher cost. However, there are two outstanding qualities of the Basalt that we have yet to discuss— qualities that unquestionably make it a must-have for any e-bike enthusiast.

    A Power Station E-Bike

    The Basalt has revolutionized off-road trips by eliminating the need to lug around cumbersome power stations and inverters. It employs innovative inverter technology capable of delivering a peak output of 1000 watts. 

    This power can be harnessed to charge a range of devices such as grills, fridges, laptops, and more. As an additional offering, Mokwheel provides solar panels that can be attached to power your e-bike on the go, opening up limitless possibilities.

    Torque Sensor

    Many all-terrain e-bikes often lack inventive features, as manufacturers tend to emphasize the bike’s sheer power. However, Mokwheel has taken a distinctive approach by equipping the Basalt with cutting-edge features and sensors that enhance the joy of riding. 

    The Basalt features the latest torque sensor, which measures the rider’s pedaling effort and adjusts motor assistance accordingly. This ensures that the rider maintains better control over their speed and enjoys a more delightful ride. 

    In the context of innovation, it’s essential to highlight Basalt’s central LED display, which provides comprehensive information and trip insights for the rider.

    Pros of Mokwheel Basalt

    • Exceptional Paint Finish: Mokwheel Basalt features a high-quality paint finish that elevates its aesthetics, adding to its appealing appearance.
    • Versatility Across Terrains: These ebikes are engineered to excel on diverse terrains, especially off-road and uneven surfaces. They exhibit exceptional performance on rough and challenging roads.
    • Torque Sensor Technology: Incorporating torque sensors enhances the speed range and efficiency of electric bicycles. This technology enables smoother and more controlled acceleration, resulting in an improved overall riding experience.
    • Generous Battery Capacity: Electric bicycles come equipped with significantly large battery capacities. The extended battery life not only offers longer rides but also supports sustainable charging options like solar power.
    • Swift and Seamless Engine Start: The electric motor’s rapid and seamless startup is a noteworthy advantage. Riders experience swift acceleration without the delay often associated with traditional combustion engines.
    • Robust Rear Hub Motor: The powerful rear hub motor delivers substantial force, ensuring precise speed control. This feature contributes to a well-balanced and controlled riding experience.

    Cons of Mokwheel Basalt

    • Headlights and taillights are smaller than other competitors- Mokwheel should consider adding bigger lights for better visibility in darker areas.
    • Reflector mounts aren’t aesthetically pleasing- some customers install after-market reflectors to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

    What Existing Users Have To Say?

    Basalt stands out as one of Mokwheel’s most adored electric bike models, boasting a flawless 100% positive rating among buyers on Mokwheel’s official websites. Enthusiastic users have lauded the bike’s robust motor, enduring battery life, and exceptionally comfortable ride. 

    The integration of Mokwheel’s thumb-throttle technology and Fork lift suspension has been instrumental in delivering a supremely comfortable riding experience for Basalt’s users. Notably, some users have commended the top-notch Chaoyang tires for their exceptional ability to navigate through sand, grass, and other uneven surfaces.

    The resounding success of this bike in the consumer market has spurred critics to subject it to rigorous evaluations.

    Critical Testing

    In a speed assessment, Basalt demonstrated a remarkable pace reaching Mokwheel’s claimed 28 mph with quick acceleration; the bike steered with amazing stability and smoothness at its maximum pedal-assist level. Correspondingly, a range examination revealed that the electric ebike achieved a remarkable distance of up to 73 miles on a single charge, slightly below Mokwheel’s advertised 80 miles. 

    Critics also scrutinized the e-bike’s braking system, and were astounded by the results. The Tektro HD-E350 exhibited swift responsiveness in halting the bike. These tests were conducted across off-road terrains, encompassing hills and grass, yet the outcomes remained consistently impressive, with no discernible weaknesses exhibited by the bike.


    Whether you’re in search of an ebike with a comfortable seat or a high-performance all-terrain model, the Basalt caters to both needs seamlessly. Positioned as one of Mokwheel’s finest performers, it has garnered a favorable reputation among e-bike enthusiasts, RVers, and urban commuters alike.

    The ebike’s 750 W motor, torque sensor, and impressive self-powering technology set it apart in the sea of ebikes. Astonishingly, the Mokwheel Basalt is priced at a remarkably affordable $1899, significantly undercutting competitors by at least 30%. In today’s market landscape, opting for the Mokwheel Basalt is an obvious choice for people looking for electric bikes for sale.

    If you’re considering the purchase of Basalt, head over to the official Mokwheel store and seize the opportunity to make your purchase today while it’s still available at a discounted rate. Additionally, there are financing options that you can avail. Wishing you joyful and safe riding ahead!

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