8 Tips for Making the Most of Your Bike as a Student

Moving to college does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your bike. In fact, having your two-wheeled partner with you can turn out to be a lot more advantageous than you might think.

Thanks to the shift towards sustainable living, many have switched to cycles as their primary mode of transportation.

Furthermore, many colleges and universities have also been promoting bicycling in and around the campus. This article highlights some of the ways that you can use your bike while being a student.

1. Get Familiar With College Campus

One of the first things you should do is to explore your college campus on your bike, preferably before the classes start. This is crucial because you do not want to get lost en route to your first class of the year.

Moreover, finding different paths to different buildings and lecture classes will allow you to explore all the corners of the campus. It can help you to meet an essay writer helper in the flesh and get acquainted with the territory. If you do this when the campus. If you do this when the campus is less crowded, you will be able to refer to Google Maps and find your way easily as a first-timer.

2. Experiment With Routes

If you live outside the campus and cycle to your classes, you might need to dedicate some time to find where the bike paths are located. As you should know, you do not necessarily have to take the main roads.

There might be additional tracks usable for biking that will help you stay away from busy streets, and perhaps, even save you some time.

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So, whenever you’ve got the time, pick routes that are safe and find parking spots. You can also talk to other bikers or your campus security to gain more insight.


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    3. Carrying It All

    Another advantage of having a bike is that you can carry a lot more on wheels. Most students and riders opt for backpacks because these are handy to carry along, no matter where you are going.

    However, with a bag over your back, even a short ride can get you sweaty as there will not be enough braking room. But this can be easily mitigated by packing an extra shirt. Or, you can start with your bike wear and change to another outfit, Needless to say, this can be an inconvenience.

    Alternatively, you can also get a basket or a rack that allows you to strap some cargo to the side. These can help you keep the weight off your back, and can help you accommodate a lot more items, including the irregular-shaped packages.

    4. Storing Your Bike

    Before bringing your bike to college, you should also make sure that you have someplace to keep it safe through the night. If it rains, leaving your bike outside can lead to rust, making it work less efficiently. While the wear and tear might not be evident right away, it might be a cause of concern if this becomes regular.

    For those living in a dorm, you will want to check with your college whether you can store the bike in your room. If the space available is small, you might have to find a covered parking area. You are bound to find other bikers like you, and they can offer you some tips on how to safely store your bike within the campus.

    5. Exercise

    Another way to make the most of your bike is to use it as a tool for exercise. While this is obvious, this article wouldn’t be complete unless this point was included.

    Whether you are just using it to get around campus or for a two-hour ride for cardio, your body is going to benefit from the physical activity anyways.

    Biking is a great form of cardio workout. It reduces the impact on your joints and makes it a better alternative to running. Many consider cycling as a sustainable exercise that can also bring benefits to the environment.

    That said, if interested, you can also find opportunities in triathlons or competitive cycling. You can use tools such as a power meter to track how much power you are using while biking. You can also reach out to student groups to learn about how you can pursue athletics in this area.

    6. Know the Anatomy of Your Bike

    Bikes might need relatively less maintenance, but nevertheless, you should know the basic ways to keep the wheels spinning. Before you get on your bike, it is recommended that you check the following:


    Check the tire pressure to make sure that they have sufficient air.


    Squeeze the breaks to ensure that they work.


    See whether the chain is well oiled and that the cracks are tight.

    Doing this routine will hardly take five minutes of your day but can help you avoid accidents to a large extent. Not to mention, always wear a helmet to ensure safety when riding.

    7. Join a Biking Club

    Needless to say, biking can be an activity that you enjoy with others. With an increasing number of students using bicycles in college, you might not find it that difficult to find student biking groups.

    This will not only help you expand your network, but you will also be able to discover more cycling routes within your area. Not to mention, you can also take a weekend trip on your bike to enjoy places near your campus.

    You should also remember to check with your college if there are any incentives for bike users. For instance, many universities offer discounts on other services for those who use bikes. This can be a voucher, access to parking spaces, tools, air stations or even to locker and shower facilities. These can complement your use of a bicycle and help make it more comfortable.

    8. Remember, You Are Not the Only One on the Road

    You should always bear in mind that you have the same responsibility as any other driver on the road. It is common for bikers to assume that vehicles should stop for them, and since they are on a bike, they do not have to follow the traffic rules. But this couldn’t be far from the truth.

    When you are sharing the road with others, be it, pedestrians or other drivers, you need to make sure to use the required directional cues. You should also check whether you have to follow any specific rules when you are riding your bike within the campus.

    Many colleges now have designated paths for bikes. You need to share a walkway only when it is the on;y option.

    While most of these might strike as pretty common, when you are late to class or your mind is on something else, it is easy to forget such small details. As always, make it a point to avoid using your phone when biking and focus on what is around you, whether you are inside or outside the campus.


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