6 Important Legal Steps You Should Take After A Bike Crash

Bike accidents can get much more serious than anyone can imagine, there are thousands of people who get injured annually and many even get killed in major bike accidents. If you’re riding your bicycle often on the road you should seek out the knowledge you need to protect yourself and be fully aware of your legal rights.  If you’ve been involved in an accident in the state of California, visit vazirilaw.com to better understand some of the important laws that protect your rights.

Legal Steps You Should Take After A Bike Crash

The problem with bicycle accidents is that they can really cause dangerous injuries; usually, the head is at most risk, a bad injury to the head can leave a victim with chronic health conditions that might change or hinder their lives for an unforeseen amount time. 

This will definitely affect their livelihood, their health, and their relationship with themselves and their surroundings. Accidents happen and no one can stop them or interfere with whatever natural consequences may be caused. 

If you were ever a victim of an unfortunate accident, or are simply looking for relevant information, below are 6 important legal steps you should have in mind.

1. Seek Immediate Medical Care

After a bicycle accident, the most important step is to ask for help; seek immediate medical care and call for an ambulance so you can be directly transferred. Even if your injuries are minor, you can’t ignore this step. 

We’ve seen several people who’ve shown no symptoms of serious injuries at the moment of the accident, but they still ended up suffering from serious post-conditions afterward. Seeking necessary medical attention can save your life from any hidden injuries that can only be revealed after a doctor’s examination. 

Police presence is also needed; documenting the scene of the accident and creating a report is critical to preserving your legal rights and getting appropriate compensation. If the accident happens in California, you can look for the CA accident report online by entering the incident’s basic information. Most insurance companies and lawyers require this document to begin a claim or take your case to court.

2. Contact Information

Collecting all the information related to the accident is a very important step in the process of preserving your legal rights. Every detail and piece of information is crucial and will most probably be needed later if you decide to follow through with a claim. 

The contact information of the driver involved; license number, plate numbers, vehicle insurance information, and, of course, witness information if there were any present. All of this information is essential to seek compensations or settlements for any damages done due to the collision. 

3. Keep Evidence

Preserving and documenting all evidence, such as your damaged bicycle as it is, is of great importance. Also, consider the clothes you were wearing at the time and all affected belongings evidence, especially if you’re badly injured. 


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    All the collected evidence in a cycling accident is very crucial to preserve your rights if you decide to file a claim. If you need to consult an attorney to support your case, all this information, including the condition of your properties at the time, will help to strengthen your case.

    4. Capture Photos

    If you’re not badly injured, it’s better to capture some photos of the accident’s scene. Take pictures of your damaged bicycle, your injuries, your clothes, the vehicle that hit you during the accident, and anything around that can be of any significance to your accident. 

    Photos work as very useful evidence. If there were any witnesses at the time of the accident, ask them if they took any photos or recorded any videos of the accident. You also have to keep the contacts of any witnesses for further testimonies. 

    5. Crash Surroundings

    The crash surroundings during the accident play a very important role when determining if any public entities are responsible for the crash. Maintenance or construction work is an example of frequent accident scenes that are usually government or industry-managed. 

    Many accidents happened due to visual obstructions caused by the lack of lighting, which is one of the reasons that helped in raising a lot of cases as such. Any details of the surroundings that help in evaluating the accident’s scene should be documented and reported to your attorney.

    6. Hire An Experienced Attorney

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    After being injured in a cycling accident you should consider hiring a qualified bicycle accident attorney. Most injuries suffered from collisions involving a cycler and a vehicle end up being very severe ones and might have an unfavorable future impact on your life. 

    An experienced lawyer will help you with all the legal regulations, state laws, paperwork, compensation, and will take all the necessary steps to ensure your legal rights. 

    Bicycle injury lawyers are exposed to many similar cases and know exactly how to document and present the evidence in court, ensuring the compensation they deserve. 

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