How A Lawyer Can Help In Calculating Fault After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries and damages—this is a given. In Georgia alone, there are roughly 1,941 motorcycle crashes for every 100,000 registered motorcycles, with the city of Atlanta accounting for a massive 42% of all crashes. 

These statistics are quite scary if you think about it. However, it’s also worth noting that in most cases, determining who is at fault for the accident is crucial for insurance coverage and potential legal consequences.

Fortunately, an Atlanta motorcycle accident law firm has reliable attorneys who can help calculate fault after a motorcycle accident, so you’ll be able to get what you’re owed if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Understanding The Basics of Fault

Before delving into how a lawyer can help calculate fault in motorcycle accidents, it’s important to understand what “fault” means. Assigning fault equates to deciding who was responsible for causing the accident. As you might imagine, this decision has significant implications regarding insurance claims and lawsuits.

In most states, negligence is the standard for evaluating fault in road accidents such as motorcycles. Negligence refers to conduct that falls below certain standards of care established by law. If someone’s negligent behavior leads to or contributes to an accident that causes injury or damages to another person or property, they may be liable.

How Can A Lawyer Help?


Lawyers first help assess liability by conducting investigations into the incident’s circumstances. Lawyers are trained investigators who know what evidence must be collected to build a compelling case.

After an attorney collects relevant information like police reports or witness statements together with physical evidence from the crash scene, they analyze them, including reviewing test results to determine if any party involved was under the influence of alcohol during driving before taking their client’s case further.

A skilled motorcycle attorney will also gather medical evidence about any injuries stemming from the crash and assess traffic camera footage from nearby surveillance cameras to determine who broke traffic rules leading up to this eventual accident.

Evaluating Damages 

Apart from helping establish the negligence of people involved in any vehicle accident, an attorney can also assist in quantifying damages. This is all about putting a dollar value on any losses that result from the collision.

They will handle every detail, from examining medical bills, invoices, and receipts to calculating the total damages. In this context, consider costs related to lost wages or income due to the inability to work after injuries sustained in the accident.


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    Negotiating with Insurance Companies

    After an accident has caused damage or injury, it’s only natural for all parties to consider getting costs covered by insurance. And since insurance companies know how much they stand liable for most times because it’s their business, they are often resistant when giving out money to cover outstanding expenses.

    Therefore, having a lawyer who can go head-to-head with big auto insurance corporations and fight for your compensation worth becomes essential. Lawyers have skills in estimating the proper value of a claim and negotiating fair settlements with insurers.

    Dealing With a Legal Suit If Needed

    Suppose arbitration fails through negotiations with the insurer involved. In that case, lawyers step in to provide legal defense for their clients who decide to pursue personal injury cases or file lawsuits. Many accidents happen because one motorist fails or neglects their duties as written down by law, breaking road rules (e.g., reckless driving) and causing accident collisions.

    Any experienced rider will always follow road laws, but when they don’t, then legal reprisal serves two purposes: making known that such an offense happened and ensuring victims have received justice publicly known.


    There is no denying that motorcycle accidents can be devastating, but finding out who’s at fault afterward should not be made another hardship. Having quality legal representation gives you peace of mind.

    A knowledgeable attorney specializing in motorcycle accident law can assist you in navigating all aspects of the process, ensuring that you are not subjected to unfair settlements. Without the guidance of experienced professionals in these complex situations, individuals may find themselves at a loss and receive inadequate compensation for their damages.

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