Ways To Keep Your Mind As Sharp As Possible

By the end of this century, some experts believe that the average life expectancy could reach as high as 130. This is unfathomable for anybody in today’s world.

The oldest person who lived was a French woman called Jeanne Clement, who died at 122 in 1997. This shows how optimistic health experts are about a healthy, balanced lifestyle, both physically and mentally, prolonging people’s natural quality of life.

Something that often goes overlooked when discussing a healthy balanced lifestyle is the importance of keeping your brain sharp and ensuring your cognitive functions remain solid enough to carry out your active and healthy lifestyle to the best of your ability. So today, we will examine how millions of people keep themselves sharp between the ears.

1. Learning & Playing New Card Games

Card games have been around for hundreds of years, and they’re proven to keep the brain sharp and help your memory and cognitive function. Dozens of popular games have been passed down from generation to generation, and there’s such a wide range of card games you can play on your own, with friends, in a tournament, or in the solitude of a casino.

If you’re unsure how casino gaming works, starting with a card game that isn’t as complicated to learn might be a wise place. For instance, blackjack is revered as one of the top casino games and has stood the test of time, with some historians believing that the first versions of the game emerged over 200 years ago.

You can learn how to play blackjack in just a few minutes, and although there are specific rules that may take a little bit longer to grasp, the base game is one of the most straightforward table-based casino games you can learn how to play. Playing blackjack games for real money is becoming an incredibly popular online gaming avenue for millions.

Knowing when to hit and when to stick and keeping yourself focused during quickfire games can help cultivate a sharper brain. Other casino games like poker follow the exact blueprint, and there are even more rules you have to digest.

Once you have studied card-based casino games like blackjack and poker and know how they work, you can take the tables, meet a new community, and keep your brain more active and switched on.

2. Exercise

Exercise is widely regarded as the number one way to keep your mind sharp and blow those mental cobwebs away. It is proven to help so many aspects of your life; it helps keep you flexible, reduces the likelihood of several serious health conditions such as heart disease, and it can help you manage the severe symptoms of deadly health conditions such as depression.

Exercise can take so many forms, and cycling is one of the most popular ways of keeping yourself active and, in turn, keeping your mind sharp. While it can come with some physical risks to be wary of, such as potholes, as long as you keep your bike in good condition and wear the proper protective gear, you stand a good chance of not picking up a serious injury.


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    Jogging, playing various sports, and hiking are examples that help keep your brain focused and sharp through physical activity.

    3. Puzzles

    We’ve already discussed how learning a new card game can help cognitive function. However, picking up new puzzle games like crosswords, word searches, and sudoku help streamline parts of your brain that help improve memory. Even sitting down for 10 to 15 minutes daily and focusing on maths, puzzles, or word quizzes and puzzles can help you maintain a rich vocabulary and broaden your muscle memory.

    4. Chess

    Regarding games of skill and strategy, it doesn’t get much better than chess. It is renowned as a game that allows people to strategize and plan winning moves much further ahead in the game. Chess is about looking at the broader picture and planning accordingly. Some experts have even said that a strong mind in chess can help you develop other areas of your life, such as making effective business decisions.

    Some chess grandmasters could play the game right into their later years, and many credited their close affiliation to the legendary board game with their cognitive function still operating on full cylinders right into their more senior years. Other board games, such as checkers and Scrabble, are also shown to help your brain.

    Final Thoughts

    So long as you can implement any of today’s choices around a healthy, balanced lifestyle which includes a well-balanced diet, a solid amount of sleep, and a healthy routine, you should, in time, notice small changes in your cognitive function that keep you operating as close to maximum capacity as possible.

    Other activities can help, too, such as reading, learning a new language, or committing to a regular pattern of new learning, such as learning a new recipe once a week. Thanks to the internet, you can find tips quicker than ever, and a healthy lifestyle benefits you and those around you.

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