Is Irvine A Good Place To Live?

The California dream should not be limited just to relocation to LA. Moving to Irvine CA  is a way too attractive alternative and here is why.

Is Moving To Irvine CA Worth It?

Irvine often underestimated direction, despite being one of the largest cities in Orange County. A few know this city as a unique combination of business and cultural vibes. If you’re seriously interested in moving to California, this should be one of the top options on your list.

It is a big IT and educational hub with a variety of possibilities to build a career and catch a work-life balance. If you ever wondered is Irvine a good place to live, then you need to consider a few factors below before making a verdict.

Irvine Climate: Get An Umbrella Or A Suncream?

Climate can be a decisive element when choosing a place of residence. For people echoing the seasonality, this destination will be the right one. Hot and humid summer and warm and mild winter create a comfortable environment for life in Irving. Another good news is the number of sunny days in this area, which is reaching almost 280.

This number is slightly bigger compared to the average in the US. The most comfortable weather here is from April to June when it is pleasantly warm, but not hot. During the winter the temperature may drop to 38.5 °F, but the chances to catch the snow are close to zero.

Humidity is a side effect of close proximity to the ocean, but this is a comparatively small disadvantage you are getting as a bonus to exploring wild beaches and enjoying the sun and waves.

The best period to enjoy the ocean is from July to October. The water temperature gets around 70 °F, which is still cool, but perfect for sunbaths and surfing.

Irvine Cost of Living: Make Sure You Make Enough

Not a secret that living in Irvine is not a budget and probably this remains a crucial downside for those, who are looking for more affordable places compared to Michigan and apartments near Lansing. Research shows, that life in Irvine is estimated at 150% compared to the average cost of living in the country. This places Irvine in the TOP 3 of the most expensive cities in the United States.

Irving Living Expenses

Approximately a family of four would spend almost $ 4 000 monthly and this is even without rent, which would make the highest item of expenditure.

The 3-bedroom apartment rent in a nice neighborhood close to downtown would vary from $3 500 to $ 4 500 and if you are looking for purchasing the property the price can jump as high as $ 9 000 per squire meter in the center or rich suburb.


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    Food for the same-size family will cost approximately $1 200 without counting in dining out. Add on top utilities, leisure, clothes, gas, and transportation-related expenses and you will end up with a tidy sum. Now compare it with the average monthly salary, which is $6 500 after taxes, and make a simple calculation and conclude is Irvine a good place to live.

    Is Irvine CA Safe?

    If you are searching for a place with a low crime rate, where you can feel safe and stay calm, welcome to Irvine. 16 years in a row this city has been awarded the ‘Safest City in America’ title.  There are a few reasons behind it.

    On one side, the city was built based on the principles of organized communities with a respect to law and order. But it is reflected not only in people’s attitudes, but the city planning itself. It is well lighted and illuminated, clear lines are implemented in public places design.

    On another side, Irvine is mostly a residence for middle-class people with a decent income. The statistic shows a direct correlation between the crime rate and the amount of money people make.

    Such a state of things makes life in Irving easy and enjoyable for single people and for families with kids as parents don’t have a headache related to their children’s safety.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Do we need to tell about entertainment at the place, which is located 10 miles away from the ocean? Apparently, water sports are a high priority not only for residents of Irvine but also for a large number of people coming to the area to catch the wave. Living in Irvin is about a healthy lifestyle.

    Locals enjoy outdoor activities and almost 250 parks in the city let them do it to the fullest. But that’s not it. Irvine offers a wide range of art galleries, theaters, museums, and art centers. Irvine Fine Arts Center is the most popular place to get art classes and attend exhibitions or art studios.

    For concert funs FivePoint Amphitheatre is a must-know place. It is worth adding that Irvine is also famous for its fast-developing gastronomic and culinary culture, which is a mix of different cousins.


    Irvin is a leader when it comes to the public school education system. Irvine Unified School District is ranked TOP 2 in Orange County and this statistic is proved by the fact, that slightly 90% of school graduates are getting a higher degree.

    The University of California is the most important school in the area with a high ranking, which offers quite a big number of majors. It brings students a vibe in the city, but what is even more important prepare high-class professionals.

    Public Transportation Or How To Get Around The City

    Probably this would be another downside of residing in this city as public transportation is not that great in the area. Most people use cars, but the buses and trains connecting the city center with the suburbs are present.

    Though the system is not robust, many people blame that without a car you are stuck in the city. If you are visiting Irving for a short period of time consider an Uber or carsharing, otherwise, you may experience difficulties getting around the city.


    This factor will definitely play in favor when considering moving to Irvine CA. The city offers a range of public and private medical care centers, UCI Medical Center is the most known as it is considered one of the best hospitals in California.

    Additionally, there are many care centers for the elderly with very well-developed infrastructure. Therefore many people, who require special care are considering Irvine.

    Ups And Downs Of Living In Irvine

    No doubts Irvine is an attractive and comfortable city to live in. This is a purely middle-class environment with a properly organized infrastructure and lifestyle. This place will suit students, people searching for new career horizons, family-oriented and single. Considered a safe haven for families with kids.

    The city welcomes cultural diversity, and it reflects in the highly developed creativity branch. A clear and fair taxation system facilitates business development, and the educational establishment provides the job market with properly qualified employees.

    The standard of living is pretty high, and it simply means that you need to match them otherwise your California dream may become a heavy burden.

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